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Hi everyone, Founder/CEO of Sparta here! We built Sparta because sales-people have too long had to put up with clunky tools that have never excited them. Our vision is to help sales leaders increase results, motivation and energy by engaging their reps in a fun, competitive way. Sales people are already competitive beasts, the behaviour just needs to be facilitated :) Would love to answer any questions people have on sales/gamification and of course go a little deeper into our vision.
@jamesepember Looks great. Makes good sense. I could see running a distributed street sales team using this. It's social for sales.
@bswen Whilst it's not our focus, it's definitely something we've thought about!
@jamesepember Interesting, looking forward to checking this out.
@ZackShapiro Thanks Zack, please feel free to sign up and leave any feedback and how we can improve!
Update: We were featured in TechCrunch recently, if anyone is interested! http://techcrunch.com/2014/07/21...
Awesome idea, good work @jamesepember and team!
@jamesepember glad to see you working on this. If you can improve a team's effectiveness by even just 10%, that can have a huge impact to the bottom line and employee happiness. That said, extrinsic motivators (e.g. money) can have an adverse effect (Dan Pink has a fantastic TED Talk on this topic). Furthermore, some people are motivated by different things. Some thrive off of competition, others do not. How are you educating companies on how to best use your product (or motivate teams in general) and adapting to these different motivators?
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! Thanks for the kind words. We absolutely agree with you that money is not what always motivates sales people. We actually wrote some content around this, and found that, on average, 63% of "what motivates sales people" are "non-financial incentives". You can check that out here -> http://blog.spartasales.com/why-... Our entire platform is based on driving rep recognition, craft-mastery and real-time feedback. In fact, most of our customers don't even connect financial prizes to their competitions, which is interesting. In terms of educating companies - today it's part of our sales process, but it's something we need to improve "in-product". We're currently working on some helpful onboarding content that should make inroads in that respect.
@rrhoover Good points indeed, Ryan. I can see how the formalization of the sales game in this kind of transparent and fun way could benefit a sales team. I'd be interested in hearing how sales teams using sparta are liking the product. Do you have any feedback yet @jamesepember?
@bswen Hi Brady So, you're right. As much as I dislike the term "gamification", it's truly effective in sales, given that sales is already a game. Every rep starts the month at 0, and has to "level-up" to their target. In terms of ROI, we've had some great feedback so far. Eniro, the biggest sales organisation in Scandinavia recently compared their Sparta competitions to identical competitions they'd ran in the past using Excel/Email - and Sparta increased sales by 40% http://blog.spartasales.com/enir... In addition, another company were able to increase their quarterly numbers by 12% - BUT what's even cooler is that they felt they had built a more transparent, accountable and fun sales culture - which is ultimately our goal given that a better sales culture will always lead to better results :) http://blog.spartasales.com/stud...
@jamesepember Excellent, thanks for the links