The best way to express what you really think (w/ GIFs)

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Josh ElmanΒ β€” Partner, Greylock
This is seriously fun. since @rrhoover only speaks GIF anyways I can finally talk to him
Ryan HooverΒ β€” Founder, Product Hunt
But seriously, I dig Sparks. I was playing with Sparks the other day and made a few quick mental notes:

- Filters as emotions - GIFs are all about emotion, often reactions to other events. The filters (which customizes the color and font) are described as emotions like excited, proud, wistful, etc.

- I've seen these GIFs before - I've played with several GIF apps and they all seem to surface the same images. They're not bad but I want variety.

- GIF channels - when creating a GIF, you're asked to add it to a channel (effectively a hashtag). This is probably the most compelling part of Sparks, giving users the ability to express themselves in a fun way about a specific topic (e.g. World Cup, Grammy's, Product Hunt?).

Congrats on the launch, @evantana and team.
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