SparkFin 2.0

Spotify for market data. Beautifully designed stocks lists.

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This is our MVP that presents stock market data in an easy and consumable format. It’s already a daily habit for me and is the quickest way to slice the markets from a Smartphone Robinhood is leading this revolution in trading and investing. Now everyone will be able to invest in any company they want no matter the stock price. Sparkfin lists are the free maps for Robinhood users. We welcome your feedback and thanks for helping us move fast and make this better every day.
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@howardlindzon amazing work! only thing that jumped out is a few missing data points on stocks, like beta - and would love to see you add "next earnings date" with maybe a calendar or shortcut to upcoming earnings
@passingnotes very possible it's just data we need to assemble and build into the UI
@howardlindzon FYI "Spotify for market data" isn't very helpful in figuring out what SparkFin is.
@passingnotes @howardlindzon Great suggestions David.
I've watched @sparkfin transform over the last several months to one of the most powerful tools for accessing essential market data from your phone. We spend hours a day on our phone and millennials and digital natives are much more freely sharing data, personal information, and banking on mobile. It's an unprecedented level of comfort with technology in our daily lives. Up until recently the stock market has been pretty boring, but now that we're seeing some turmoil and excitement, it's fun to pay attention to your favorite companies and how they're being valued in the markets. @SparkFin is the best way to search, sort, and share your favorite stock picks and see what other celebrity investors are picking too. Hats off to @mslagh for an awesome launch!
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I've been beta testing the new @SparkFin app for a few weeks now! It takes a really simple concept of curated lists of stocks (many of which cost a lot of money) but presented in a beautiful interface, with a lot more data, and from people you follow and trust about the markets. For example... If I see that @HowardLindzon is buying or selling $TWTR that's interesting, or if he added a company I've never heard of to his stocks to watch. Check out the completely redesigned Spark Fin app, and ask the makers anything!
@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv. The @sparkfin team has been working hard on this release and we're just very excited to finally be able to share it.
Big fan, followed from v0 and so impressed with the new release and how fast the team is moving. We're finally seeing mobile trading become functional and relevant to all sorts of users. My workflow with this is idea generation. With thousands of stocks out there with different sectors, subindustries, market caps, etc. this makes the process of finding ideas much simpler. For people who have been doing this for years, think of stock scanners and filters but now mobile, social, and super intuitive.
@alextarhini_ excited to have this new product that fits in with all the great brokerages and communities that help a next generation learn to invest trade and save
@alextarhini_ 🙏thanks for sticking w/us Alex
The ability to follow other people's watch lists is amazing! Love following Howard's list on here! 📊🔥🔥🔥