The best personal email client. Revolutionary email for teams.
Spark shows you what's important by intelligently prioritizing your inbox. It also has email superpowers that let you fly through your inbox.
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Denys Zhadanov
VP of Marketing at Readdle
Hey hunters, I can't tell how excited I am that our Spark Email by Readdle finally lands on Android today. It’s the first Readdle app on Android and we’ve put a tremendous amount of effort and love into this product to make Android users love their email again. At Readdle we always thrive to enable technology for millions of people, making them more productive and solve real problems. Email is one of these problems. It’s a central part of how people work, communicate and share ideas. Yet it’s old and outdated. The modern email experience has a few major problems: Overloaded inbox Hard to tell what's important No way to collaborate with your team That is why we had to redefine the modern email experience and create Spark. With today’s release, it gets even more powerful and helpful. Here are a few reasons why you’ll love Spark: 1. Focus on what's important It helps you focus on only important emails from real people by separating them from newsletters and notifications. 2. Distraction-free email It’s a distraction-free email app with its Smart Notifications that cut out all the junk mail and only notify you about emails from people you know. 3. Gain email superpowers It has all the email superpowers to fly through your inbox: Snooze, Send Later, Pins, Reminders, Quick replies, Undo Send, etc. More of them are coming very soon. 4. It revolutionizes how teams collaborate in email. You now can share, create, delegate and even discuss emails together. It’s the biggest launch for Readdle in years and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback. You can learn more about Spark here or download it now on your Apple or Android device. Learn more: Download Spark:
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Yuriy Krisarchuk
Product Manager at PDFfiller
Great product!
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Huge fan/ of iOS/Mac Version. Android version was a seemless setup. Go Readdle Team! Parul Gujral CEO Snowball.Money


Love the AI Smart Inbox. Very simple to setup.


Copy paste of email doesn't work

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Kavir KayceeProduct at Emtropy Labs
Enough said, already downloaded. P.S. Loved the slick promo! @denzhadanov
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Sofiia Shvets
Co-Founder & CEO at Let's Enhance.
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