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Fast, smart and beautiful email client for iOS

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YES! Spark for iPAD! Now we are talking!
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Thank you guys for all the nice words! I'm super excited for the whole team behind Spark that we finally managed to crete a truly universal email client for iOS. I might be slightly biased, but I do believe that it provides the best email experience and solves the problem of overwhelmed inbox that all of us have. Well, Apple thinks so too that's why Spark got "Best of the App Store 2015" award. Why should you use it? Email is both incredibly frustrating yet important. Your bloated inbox is a mess and you never know what's important and what's not. That why you create your own techniques to solve that. With Spark it's much easier since it's smart and fully customizable. A few things that I personally love: - Smart Unified Inbox (new emails are categorized by "Personal emails", "Newsletters" and "Notifications" so it's super easy to see what's important and delete stuff you don't need - Quick Replies (reply with just one button) - Customization (swipes, smart widgets, etc could be customized the way you like it). - Quick swipe to change signatures - Smart search - natural language search There're much more to discover and I would love to answer your questions. And yes, we are already making a Mac version. So stay tuned and like your email again! :)
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@denzhadanov Any tentative timeline for Mac app?
@denzhadanov hi - what the best approach if I am using the beta on iPad and iPhone? Delete both and re-install GA? Will my settings persist?
@leewynne You can actually still use the Beta versions to get the latest updates before they go in production.
@denzhadanov brilliant - one of the updates should be a 'send and archive or send and delete' option πŸ˜„ love the the app
So. Many. Email. Clients. I use Gmail
@bentossell Give Spark a try. I can't live without proper categorization of my inbox :)
@denzhadanov I have so many platforms to manage conversations, I'm used to Gmail - just need to star, reply and compose. I don't need any bells and whistles... yet!! :)
@bentossell I use Airmail on Mac and Outlook on iOS. I look forward to the Outlook for Mac building on the UX and features of the iOS version – it _has_ to be inevitable...
@bentossell ditto. Apple Mail or Gmail work the best.
Been using Spark on iOS exclusively, and another client(Airmail) for Mac. So far, so good. Spark lays out emails in a way where I can attack them throughout the day, and get caught up. I was on the beta for the iPad version, and it's been fantastic on the iPad Pro. So happy to stick with a bunch of Readdle apps. Congrats on the official release!
Nice! The best email-client for the iPhone made it to the iPad!