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Spark 2.0

Revolutionary email for teams


Four years ago, we decided to build an email product you’d fall in love with. We built Spark as the best email client for people who use it at home and at work.

Spark 2.0 brings:

- Discuss email with private comments

- Create email together

- Create links to email

- Built-in Calendar

- 3rd Party integrations

3 Reviews
Raveesh Bhalla
Constantine Gres'ko
Devin Rajaram
 +32 reviews
  • Manikandan
    ManikandanProduct Designer • Made Radiohere.com 📻

    Simple and easy to use


    Unable to find unread emails

    Calendar View.

    UI is better than polymail and newton

    Manikandan has used this product for one year.
  • Kipyatkov
    KipyatkovCEO at Plussy

    - perfect UI

    - share message with team

    - smart inbox


    Cant find


    Kipyatkov has used this product for one week.
  • Gala Pryhodko
    Gala PryhodkoStartup, Marketplaces

    Create links to email - for me, it's the feature which is really need


    Only for apple device) yet I understand that this audience is not so solvent as it would be desirable, maybe

    The app is great! You have done a huge work!

    Gala Pryhodko has used this product for one year.