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3 friends that never met each other from 3 different countries (Spain, UK & Ireland), 1 app and 15379 stories. We created SpareDesk to simplify the process of booking great places to work. Find and book an awesome places to work in Europe & US. 85+ coworking spaces available right now! Consider us your new best friends or personal assistants, who are right in your pocket and who will help you with anything you need... We will even book you a cab if you want! ;). You can read about whole story here:
@angeliquetoque what a great idea! Instead of renting the whole office like breather, it's literally just a desk. How is this different than Croissant? Maybe because Croissant asks for a subscription and maybe you are transactional? Is your focus only on travelers? I think I need to sign up. I have far too many questions! 🤓
@nassaraf @angeliquetoque Hey Naomi, thanks for your comment, we would love you to download and let us know your feedback. We think Croissant is cool (especially the name), and we think they have some great parts to their business model. We believe though that we can appeal to a larger audience of people, such as travellers, digital nomads and freelancers who want true flexibility in where and when they work. We hope that our model will allow us to expand into more cities quicker 🤓.
@dylankbuckley Already downloaded! 😎 I love that I could do this while traveling! 👜🛩
@angeliquetoque How did the process of developing sparedesk happen if you have never met? How was the culture and efficiency of developing it together? I think it's really cool that you guys made it happen with such a large constraint. Would love to hear more of the story!
I've been following the process of creating SpareDesk and must say the team did a really good job. The interface looks simply, and the features are just right. The idea to connect booking the co-working spaces with uber transportation seems like a very well crafted idea. Can't wait to test it for the first time!
@piotrszwach Thanks for your support Piotr!
Congratulations to Angelique, Dyan and Dan on this -- looks awesome Can't wait to start using when I travel! :)
@francescod_ales Thanks for your kind words. Look forward to hearing your feedback in the future.
Great work! I'm thrilled!
@tomitomcat Thanks Izabela! We really hope you enjoy and find it useful!
Amazing idea and great execution. Great work @dylankbuckley @angeliquetoque looking forward to watching SpareDesk impact the global workforce! It certainly is a tool for the contemporary endeavour age.
@camelliae @angeliquetoque Thanks Camellia! We hope we can be just that 🚀🤓