A new way of managing energy from a former Tesla employee

Span combines intelligent hardware with an intuitive app that lets you take control of your priorities. Join us in the next generation of home energy.
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The most uninformative landing page i've seen in a while.
This seems great. It essentially seems to allow your home to become an entire semi-smart home through this device and the accompanying app and most importantly using renewable energy. You know the tech should be good with it being founded by Tesla's former head of product
Interested in device level power monitoring, but wonder if it will suffer from the same compatibility issues that Sense and Smappee do... In California most modern residential electrical systems have parallel input feeds making almost all power monitoring systems incompatible. Even if that weren't the case if you have 1 or more sub-panels those systems become far less useful or lost most of their functionality. Given the prevalence of always-on smart devices through our home, turning off big chunks of the house would be pretty counter productive.
Cool cool. So like Powerwall without the battery. Would pair nicely with the Powerwall as well.
I don’t get it. Where does it get the energy from? The landing page says nothing. It claims that instead of installing solar panels, you can just buy that device and power your house, but where does the energy actually come from?