P2P marketplace for ads. Turn excess space into ad space.

#5 Product of the DayDecember 03, 2017

Spacewolff is a peer-to-peer marketplace for ad space. Anyone can list any type of space for ads, and businesses looking to advertise can place ads with users directly. Think of Airbnb, but for ad space. Users are monetize all types of space, ranging from stickers on laptops and balcony signs, to radio ad space in nationally ranked programs.

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Has anyone bought ad space on someone's arm, @mbrwolff?
@rrhoover no, but I'll give anyone from ProductHunt a discount on my arm tattoo. 10% off, but I can approve or deny the tattoo :)
@rrhoover @mbrwolff will SW cover the tattoo costs if its of a wolf?

Since the marketplace is still a bit small, a "custom" option for advertisers would probably be a good way to onboard new businesses and to capture clients that are searching for areas that don't have options yet. You could even trigger it to show up when zero or limited results are found.

Side note, design is excellent.


Innovative approach to the existing stodgy marketplaces that exist.


Difficult space due to regulations but it sounds like the team is equipped to tackle them.

Really like the idea, congrats on launching @mbrwolff. The chicken and egg problem of marketplaces is always challenging to crack, how were you guys able to get started and which side (sellers vs. buyers) are you most focused on at the moment?
@jrwallenberg thanks for the upvote. The chicken or the egg problem is tough. The markets we're focusing on all share the same audience/market, so that makes it easier. We're concentrating now on building our inventory of space owners and ad spaces, but we're noticing also that users are selling ad space to fund their ad campaigns, so they're effectively acting as both "sellers" and "buyers."
@mbrwolff Cool - great to see that both sides are helping each other. Thanks for answering!
I love the local display of signs. If I want my signs displayed within a small residential area I in my town, could you do it? Most townships in the US have ordinances and rules about how signage is displayed. How do you workaround them?
@n_events thanks for your question. Thankfully, I'm a lawyer with my masters in real estate. There are some issues with displaying signs, but it varies by county and also a lot of landlords prohibit it. We have found some workarounds, but it also varies township by township. Our lawyers routinely check our marketplace to make sure the ad space is actually sellable, and then we'll let our space owners know if it's not. We do plan on lobbying in the future, as we believe people should be able to do what they want with their property, so long as it isn't offensive to others.
@n_events @mbrwolff I was just telling someone that I looked at this space before and backed away for the reason you cited above. The restrictions on displaying advertising on private property is a spider's web of regulations. Kudos to you for tackling it and best of luck.
@n_events Great question! I've been through this struggle before as an artist and getting approval for murals that beautify the neighborhood.
Concept is πŸ”₯ - Good luck with the launch! How'd this idea come to fruition?
@dean_glas thank you! I had a startup before that was a transparent TV (pretty cool). Towards the end, I wanted to finance the manufacturing, so I went to local nail salons and asked if I could pay them to hang the TV in their window. I then went to local yoga studios and juice bars who shared the same audience, and got them to pay to advertise on the TV. The concept took off! I quickly realized that my product wasn't solving a problem; I was. Small businesses don't know how to advertise. And, I was monetizing the excess space of the salons, so the space was cheaper. I took a step back and decided the best way to scale would be to create a marketplace that both aggregates traditional ad space (such as newspapers and TV) and crowdsourced ad space, creating a one stop shop for advertisers and automating the ad sales process.