Spaces.FM Beta

Binaural sounds to improve focus and boost your productivity

As a web developer, I need to be able to focus, but sometimes the working space can be chaotic and noisy. That's why I created Spaces, a collection of high-quality binaural sounds to help you improve focus, boost your productivity, and even sleep better.
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3 Reviews5.0/5 is inspired by tools like Noisli and Noizio, but bringing the sound quality several notches up. The sounds used on Spaces are the highest-quality binaural-recordings from nature, recorded by award-winning sound recordists like Gordon Hempton.
@reblim This sounds really great. Can't wait to try it!
Awesome! It has a beautiful ui!
@oompietijn73 Thanks! I'm glad you like it :)
Super! Could you please implement an auto repeat?:)
@maxim_kasatkin great suggestion! I agree, tracks should auto-repeat by default
@maxim_kasatkin The auto repeat functionality has been implemented today!
@reblim I've used it the whole working day. Awesome!
Wow, I just started listening and jerked involuntarily during the thunder sound! Felt so real! What hz is it?
@anjanaa89 The recordings are at 48bits, 192khz, but then they are converted down to MP3 at 320 kilobits so that the site can load them relatively fast. What makes the recordings so real is the recording techniques and the equipment used to make them.
I've been using Youtube for this for years. Would be cool to have specific frequencies.