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"Why spacebar? It's bigger." LOL. 😂
For people who use Caps Lock or ESC as "hyper" key, this is a bigger "hyper" key, with nested keys support.
@cguo8 How do you cope with the spacebar function in Safari and QuickLook?
@t55 Hi Ton, Thank you for your comment. When users release spacebar without typing any pre-defined keys, SpaceLauncher will simulate a spacebar keystroke. So in most cases, spacebar functions work as usual. For typing spacebar once, this works well. But for holding spacebar, in Safari, holding will trigger scroll down continuously, in Finder, hold and release spacebar will close QuickLook. SpaceLauncher doesn't work. Sorry for that. I also want to mention how I cope with text input typing. While users are typing, SpaceLauncher is disabled. Once users stop typing, after 0.2 seconds (can be set), then SpaceLauncher become ready. This works for almost all text input cases.
My new favourite app for Mac! Thank you!
Awesome idea, but for some reason it doesn't work for me. I see the black window, but the actions don't do anything.
@mihamlakar Hi Miha, I'll send you a message for more details.
@cguo8 thanks for helping me resolve this. Love the product!
Great idea to speed up the work. Well done
@migratwit I agree. Already want to try it