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    I've found myself searching through e-mails for previously mentioned marketing tips.

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Adam Plaga
Adam PlagaMaker@adam_plaga
Hi PH!, Spacedoo create here. If you like short actionable marketing hacks then you will love this newsletter. My goal with this newsletter is to provide best actionable marketing hacks used by best marketers in the form that is easy and quick to ready and with the steps to implement it. If you are marketing your product you will definitely find great marketing hacks that you can implement. Thanks Adam
JJ Coleman
JJ Coleman@jjcoleman97 · Student, observer, Indie Hacker ✌
I'm interested in marketing hacks in general, however there are no examples provided of what I'd receive - why would I subscribe?
Adam Plaga
Adam PlagaMaker@adam_plaga
@jjcoleman97 Yes you are right I should add some examples to my landing page. Here is example of the newsletter: Hi, Marketing Hack - Get 90% more clicks. A 90 percent increase in clicks on buttons that are written in the first person. How to do it: Just use the word “my” instead of “your”. "Start my free 30 days trial" instead of "Start your free 30 days trial". Source: Let me know what you think about this marketing hack Thanks Adam
Adam Plaga
Adam PlagaMaker@adam_plaga
@jjcoleman97 I'm aiming for the content to be fluff free and quick and easy to read no longer then 1 min.
Matt Harney
Matt Harney@matthew_harney · Work @APPEALIE
I've been a subscriber for a few weeks. Really like the consistent format that is very focused on a digestible takeaway / tactic.
Adam Plaga
Adam PlagaMaker@adam_plaga
@matthew_harney I'm glad you like it, thanks
Chris Scott
Chris Scott@chrisgscott · I make stuff for pro photographers.
Psst - you spelled Noah Kagan’s name wrong.
Adam Plaga
Adam PlagaMaker@adam_plaga
@chrisgscott thanks Chris
Jonathan Lai
Jonathan Lai@jianinglai · Maker, Tribe of Five
I've been enjoying Spacedoo so far. Unlike most emails, this is ONE short and actionable tip each week. It's definitely one I read right away!