Sow Study Aid

A study partner powered by Quizlet and AI

Sow Study Aid reinvents how you study your Quizlet flashcards. Studying is controlled through voice, allowing you to study missed cards, start the deck over, ask for a hint and much more. With intuitive music, gifs, and sounds that are reactive to how you respond to the app, Sow Study Aid is the closest thing to studying with a friend.

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Hey, Hunters! I’m Joseph one of the creators of Sow Study Aid. A few months ago, while watching Google I/0, my partner and I were inspired by all of the possibilities for the new Actions on Google platform. As college students, we've been exposed to the many ways to study our materials for class, and honestly, most methods aren’t very effective for us. We saw an interesting opportunity to study aloud with the Google Home and Assistant, simulating the experience of studying with a friend. We wanted to create an AI assistant with a fresh persona that had the ability to take a variety of inputs to create a unique study experience for each user. With the help of Quizlet, we were able to give users the ability to search for a Quizlet deck by its title or by username and choose from one of the search results. You can also seamlessly navigate through the study process with just your voice, going to specific cards in the deck, studying missed cards, and much more! We're just getting started. Thanks for taking a look! We'd love your feedback and are happy to answer any questions.
This looks amazing. Thanks! I'm a Quizlet user and this will make the experiences in my classroom deeper.
I like the concept and the video clips! but the cards aren't loading for me. Plus, it seems impossible to actually answer the cards correctly if the answers are detailed.
@sluiceandroid That's weird. Can you give it one more try for me? Why don't you email me what you're seeing at What do you mean it's impossible to actually answer the cards correctly?

A fun study aid with the convenience of google assistant.


It's a useful tool for studying + added humor (memes/gifs)