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Hey there Product Hunters! We are very happy to be launching our contact & calendar sync on Soverin today! Since the launch of Soverin we have added quite a lot of features, but we are very excited about the contact and calendar sync that we have just made available to all Soverin users. We have received quite some requests for this feature, as for a lot of people this was the last step to completely control/own their own data. Free at last! To celebrate our new features we have a special offer for Product Hunters. We’d like to invite you to become one of our close friends, use the following link to our Product Hunter Friends & Family plan and get that mailbox you and your email deserve for only 6 Euro for the first year Product Hunter Friends & Family plan: More information on Soverin: Soverin, the mailbox your email deserves Soverin helps you to (re)gain control of your data and switch from ‘free’ to freedom. Soverin is the honest email service that doesn’t sell your data. We believe that email is great and should be simple, private, honest and sustainable. A lot is being said about the lack of privacy in our digital world, but there’s not much being done. We were done ‘being the product’ and decided to do something about it. We setup Soverin, a fair alternative to ‘free’ email. Our product is made for and used by people who value quality, their privacy and make conscious decisions on the products they buy. Check out the special Product Hunt offer on and join us today.
Joe Tannorella
Developer & Marketer
This looks really cool - just signed up. I'd been meaning to create a proper domain email address for one of my projects for a while but hadn't gotten round to it. The PH offer in particular made it a no-brainer to at least give this a shot. Just waiting for my DNS to be verified - been a pretty smooth process so far!
Kees PlattelCreative Technologist, Wieden & Kennedy
Been a happy user of Soverin since starting my own business. Being independent, it's a big step up from the data driven Google ecosphere.
Tijs TeulingsTechnologist, Backspace Studio
Woohoo! As a happy Soverin user i've been waiting to switch this last bit over for a while now. Congrats on launching caldav support guys! Much appreciated.
Matthew MorekProduct Designer
Soverin seems great and all, but I'm wondering about its independence and the future of the service. It's hard to believe that a brand new startup, especially one that goes after email and privacy, will stay independent of the corporate interest, or investor influences, or doesn't sell to a competitor (happened to Astro recently). I can see that co-founders have invested in Soverin and I'd like to know whether you can offer a guarantee that Soverin service will be operational and independent in 3-5-10 years after sign up? Changing email ain't as easy these days as people picture it; it's an investment, and I'd like mine to be placed well and future-proofed. @bratelement @patrick79305 @ahmeij
@matthewmorek Hi Matthew, We started Soverin over 4 year ago and since the company's inception it has been operated by a team of dedicated internet enthusiasts. It is our goal to provide our users with a safe alternative to the free email services that dominate today’s email landscape. We are trying to do this in a user friendly way to keep our services accessible for everyone on the devices and apps they are used to. Next to just providing an inbox we have been rolling out a set of cool features in the past years and we have lots more where that came form. We are partnering with other companies and foundations that have shared goals to improve our product and to spread our message. We are a self funded company and we are not looking for investments or a quick exit. We are looking to grow our user base to be able to grow our company and to continue to deliver our services as an independent company (some of the growth is realised by partnering with like minded organisations). We agree changing email providers is not something you do every day, even though it is a lot easier if you can just ‘move' using your own domain name (lake moving you cell phone number to an other carrier). When we were at this crossroad we couldn’t find a good alternative to the free email providers available and decided to start one ourselves. Next to setting up Soverin as a company/service we have moved our work and personal mailboxes to Soverin too, we are very much invested, in short: we are in this together. We hope to welcome you on board soon! in the scenario you don’t like our services as much as we do, we’ll automatically refund your purchase (of the mailbox) if you cancel your subscription within 30 days. Also check: Best regards, Ivo