Your personal mailbox now comes with calendar & contact sync

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Ivo Fokke
Hey there Product Hunters! We are very happy to be launching our contact & calendar sync on Soverin today! Since the launch of Soverin we have added quite a lot of features, but we are very excited about the contact and calendar sync that we have just made available to all Soverin users. We have received quite some requests for this feature, as for a… See more
Joe Tannorella
@joetannorella · Developer & Marketer
This looks really cool - just signed up. I'd been meaning to create a proper domain email address for one of my projects for a while but hadn't gotten round to it. The PH offer in particular made it a no-brainer to at least give this a shot. Just waiting for my DNS to be verified - been a pretty smooth process so far!
Kees Plattel
@keesplattel · Creative Technologist, Wieden & Kennedy
Been a happy user of Soverin since starting my own business. Being independent, it's a big step up from the data driven Google ecosphere.
Tijs Teulings
@_tijs · Technologist, Backspace Studio
Woohoo! As a happy Soverin user i've been waiting to switch this last bit over for a while now. Congrats on launching caldav support guys! Much appreciated.
Andy Zhang
@yesokayawesome · Product Manager, OnePlus
The marketing page sold me, but i couldn't get past SMS verification. Help =[