An honest email service that doesn’t sell your data

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Hey there Product Hunters! We're very happy to be launching Soverin today! We want to help you take control of your privacy and switch from 'free' to freedom. Soverin is the honest email service that doesn't sell your data. We believe that email is great and should be simple, private and sustainable. It’s an industry that can benefit from a fresh perspective and some product innovation. That’s why we want to change the status quo and liberate your inbox. There’s a lot being said about the lack of privacy in our digital world, but there’s not much being done. “If it’s free, you are the product.” Well we’re not down with that, so we decided to do something about it. Soverin is a fair alternative to ‘free’ email. Our product is made for people who value quality and make conscious decisions about the products they buy. The ‘free’ email services most of us use on a daily basis come at a price. Your privacy. However we see public opinion changing. People are getting more aware of what is happening to their data and they want change. Our feeling is that we started small with something big. We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject matter. Will people be willing to pay for privacy and sign up for a private email service? For Product Hunters we have a special offer. We would like to invite you to become a founding member. This gets you 3 extra months for free!
Thanks for your work on this. Can you give details on the service? Encryption, key pair, server locations, so on. Thanks.
Yes, agreed. Thoughts, @jonsjanssens?
@_configmgr This is the only thing I haven't seen in their FAQ. I think these are rather important facts if you want to compare Soverin with other email services like KolabNow or
@_configmgr Hi Anthony, good to hear. Off course. We believe in building trust by transparency, so we will put an extensive post on the technical side of things on our blog soon. Our infrastructure is open source, we control all hardware and our partners are based in the Netherlands.
Gorgeous UI for the signup process. Question - are you not auto detecting the country (for the phone number) because of privacy?
@shawnmk Thanks, Shawn! Both, we like people to put in the details themselves, but we are continuously looking to perfect the experience. So thanks for the suggestion.
@shawnmk Websites that auto-detect for country are annoying.
Good for you guys. I think it's going to be an uphill battle, but I love that you're trying to fight the status quo.
@ryanpaugh Most definitely, but we're up for the challenge!
@jonsjanssens I wish I could upvote you twice! Cheers.
@jonsjanssens 30 euros is way too expensive for a private email service. Also you say that Soverin is founded by some "internet enthusiasts". Not sure I'm going to trust some "internet enthusiasts" with my email more than Google. Some constructive points: - reduce price point (I haven't run the numbers but I'm pretty sure cost is much much lower) - give me a reason to trust you, some credentials, security background of employees, some companies that use your service good luck — I really hope you succeed!
@sidhantgandhi Thanks for your feedback. Good discussion point. Sorry you feel that way. Putting a price on privacy is hard, but we see this as a fair price for a quality service. Your data at a 'free' email service is sold for much more than this. People tend to forget that part and you don't get a dime. Building trust is definitely one of our key focus points, so we will explain a lot more about how we run the business on our blog. Transparency is key in building trust.
@jonsjanssens Since you are heavily branding around trust and transparency, I'd recommend taking a page from buffer and setting up a page like this: Pricing complaints went down dramatically and buffer is building trust with consumers by doing this.