Professional sound effects library designed for UI projects

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Instant purchase. Quality seems really high. Looking forward to implementing in Peeps. Prior to this I'd been using AudioBlocks, but they charge over $40 /month. One request: it'd super cool if they were .caf format for iOS apps.
@tomcavill Great idea Tom. This is something we can look into, and push out for free to anyone that has already purchased the product. We'll keep you posted on this.
Just what I was looking for. Does anyone know of any similar sites. Featuring 300 professional, royalty free sound effects, designed for use in mobile and desktop app design. Each sound has been custom crafted for UI applications. Designed to sound great on mobile devices as well as high end speakers. All sounds are output as high quality .WAV files in 44.1khz /16 bit audio, giving you CD quality sound without bloated file sizes.
Thanks for the support everyone. We are really excited to get SoundKit out to the world. All feedback is greatly appreciated along the way. The initial kit is a general purpose library, but we hope to be able to expand with very specific packs as well as we generate feedback and find what users are most needing.
If you're interested in learning more about how to use (and how not to use!) UI sounds, you might enjoy my blog Beyond The Beep which explores the use of sounds in user experiences
I'd love to hear any feedback you all might have. From product quality to site design. Good, bad, or otherwise. My goal is to create the best product I can and to follow up with more kits in the future. You all are the best way to help shape it.