Headphone subscription service from Sennheiser 🎧

#4 Product of the DayNovember 10, 2018

SoundClub lets anyone experience superior sound without spending hundreds of dollars upfront on high-quality headphones. Swap for a new pair as often as once per month.

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I'd consider using this before choosing an expensive pair to buy (saving money in the long run). For now I've enjoyed my B&W P5's for the past 5+ years.
@rrhoover I initially thought that could be a good reason for this, then I remembered how I ended up with my headphones. Most companies that you purchase a pair of headphones from will give you a time frame for returning them if you are not happy with the purchase. I did this for 3 pairs until I decided to stick with the Bose QC35's.
The price tag is a little steep I find. Most of these are under $200 and you can try them in many stores.
I have Senheisser Amperior which have been doing amazing for me for 5 years and they costed around $200. I consider this a bit too expensive. Maybe this is good for musicians and celebrities. Not the ideal segment
They should have just put together a financing option instead
Maybe I'm not their target segment but this makes no sense to me. When I find a pair of headphones I like, they become like a comfortable pair of slippers, a companion providing the soundtrack to life's adventures. I've had my B&O H6s for over 5 years and just recently replaced the leather ear cups instead of tossing them and buying a new pair: