SoundCloud Stations

Never-ending listening based on your favorite tracks

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They just released a welcomed update to Discover, renamed to Charts. As I mentioned in that discussion, SoundCloud seems to (finally) be investing more in music discovery.
Until now there hasn't been a great way to discover new music within SoundCloud based on your taste. Stations aims to change that by allowing you to create a radio station from any track on the service. It's currently available in the SoundCloud app on iOS and Android.
@jackdweck We finally see recommendation features for Soundcloud, hooray! Soundcloud is such a valuable resource for discovery. Everything happens there in the electronic scene, so they have an advantage over Apple Music and Spotify. I'd also love an offline mode to listen to my preferred tracks. Thanks for sharing, Jack :)
@hfauq @jackdweck Thanks for the feedback!! We're working on a lot of cool stuff :)
@colemercer @jackdweck Looking forward to it, Cole 🤘
Happy to see this evolving!
Great addition to Soundcloud. This feature had been missing - tried it out on my commute to the office this morning, working great.