SoundCloud Pulse for iOS

The mobile app built for creators - now on iOS

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I'm wondering why this needs to be its own app instead of just having this functionality built into the regular SC iOS app. I've always been curious why so many features (comments and track statistics specifically) were omitted from the regular Soundcloud app.
@danielmatthews Consumer facing app, business facing app.
@danielmatthews Devs have shown useful react native technics last week here in the berlinjs usergroup. They seem to draw the line between "listening" and "creating" to decide where new functionality should be integrated.
@danielmatthews @llabball @mlsj1 - You're right that a lot of great features are missing from the listener app currently, and we're working on that. However, pulse isn't a "replacement" for any of these - it's just a power tool for creators. We don't intend to omit any features from the listener app in the future just because they're in the Pulse app. Thanks for the question :)
@colemercer @llabball @mlsj1 thanks for the reply! I'm both a listener and a creator on soundcloud ( and have been frustrated with the lack of features on mobile for some time. Very reassuring to know you're aware of and working on those.
@danielmatthews @llabball @mlsj1 No problem at all, feel free to Twitter DM me if you ever have feedback
Interesting tidbit for devs: Built in React Native and took 3 months from start to finish!
@mxstbr We love React Native!
For me, the ironic thing about this is that it's more an app for consumers than for creators, though it's marketed as the opposite. Except for noting down ideas on the go, or perhaps doing a quick recording of a demo when they can't get to their home station or studio, I don't really know any artists who create on the go. The creative process, particularly when it comes to writing and recording music, is much more intimate and painstaking than it seems this app would allow for. In a way, I can understand why SC would look to this as a good idea; they need to increase the amount of material on their service in the coming year if they're going to compete with other players like Apple and Spotify. But it seems to me that this isn't exactly the right way to do so, as it underscores (for me) that they're not completely distinguishing between their demographics of creators/producers and music consumers. I think mixing those two groups can lead to a muddled view of one's broad userbase, and can produce larger problems in the future. I'll be interested to see what ends up happening, but for the moment, I'm not sure that this is as great an idea as it might seem on the drawing board.
@adammarx13 Can you expand on what you mean by this being more for consumers than creators? A big benefit of this app is for creators to interact with listeners and track stats, etc. It's not meant solely to upload music, and you're right that the creation process is much more than just uploading a recording.
Adding to this, for someone like me who has multiple versions of the song bounced out and uploaded as private tracks, it would be convenient to be able to play back and know what version i want to share with other people.
The first thing I noticed after exploring the app a bit is that there's no option to play your own songs. What if somebody left a comment asking how something was made or what synth you used at this part, etc.? It would be convenient if you could play back the part right at the comment or by clicking a hyperlinked timestamp similar to how YouTube does it in their comments so you know what they're talking about. Just an idea.
@anodigital Thanks for your feedback Brian! We're building on it quickly and adding new stuff soon :)