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We're excited to launch this today! Team members are watching the thread if anyone has any questions.
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@colemercer Awesome to see that you guys can finally launch this! Offline support is really key. What's the roadmap for Soundcloud Go? I'm thinking of recommendation, community, "radio" features for example. Cheers!
@hfauq Thanks Hugo! We've got plenty of REALLY cool stuff coming up that I can't talk to specifically, but launching this service is the first step. In the mean time please tweet or DM me any feedback or ideas you have, we love feedback. I think you'll like what we're working on given your thoughts already :)
@hfauq offline rules, especially for long dj mixes. reinstalled the app 👍🏼
@colemercer I'm a huge fan of Soundcloud and excited to try this product. Soundcloud's search hasn't always been the easiest to find specific songs with. Have any improvements been made on search? Also I have a suggestion, Soundcloud go previews are only the first 30 seconds of the track which doesn't really let me know the overall 'feel of a song', is there a way to have the preview cover a more 'meatier' part of the song/mix?
@killa_kyle Unfortunately not yet on the preview question. With regards to search, we're actively working on making it better and that process will be a faster one now that we've taken this big step with a subscription platform :) Thanks for your feedback.
Glad to hear you're adding offline play support. I've wanted this on many flights. I'm unclear on what "expanded catalog" means though, @colemercer.
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@rrhoover @colemercer @bentossell This is a cool idea, and something that I think music fans always like. I'm wondering, though, how it's going to work out when SC releases its new subscription model. It might prove challenging to adapt to that if the new model is meant to be an evolution of the SC paradigm. Seems like it might be moving in two opposite directions if things aren't clearly demarkated.
@rrhoover Expanded catalogue means they're going to ingest (parts of) the catalogues of the labels they've done deals with.
Hi Cole - I have a premium artist account that I already pay 130 bucks a year for on SounCloud. Is go included for these accounts or is that separate ? Also , how does one know if a song is part of the expanded catalog on Soundcloud ? Are you ingesting a lot of catalog from major labels as a part of this service ?
@ranidu Hey there! You can find out more about how the subscription affects current creators here and there's some info on the pricing:
@colemercer @ranidu I read that link – there's essentially a free trial and then an additional $60/year that Premium artists have to pay (an additional 46%.) That seems a bit unfortunate. SoundCloud doesn't exist without the people making the music. Since the artists have supported your service with their music AND their hard-earned dollars, I'd like to see you supporting the artist with this streaming service: micro-payments for content that we _listeners_ are paying for (a la Spotify, iTunes, etc etc) would be the norm. A free "Go" subscription should be a given. I've been a long-time fan of SoundCloud, but this feels a bit slimy.
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@jhampton @ranidu Thanks for the input Jeff. Now that we've gotten over this hurdle you can expect a lot more good stuff coming up. Feel free to send any more feedback in the future.
@jhampton @colemercer @ranidu Whoa, charging already-paying artists is total bonk.
@colemercer @jhampton @ranidu Whenever I read fluff snafus like “you can expect a lot more good stuff coming up” I cringe a little. Hope it’s not as good stuff as not having a repeat button for the past six years. Not letting artists pick up the bill is all the “good stuff” that matters for now.
Soundcloud I love for its access to early stage artists and stuff from artists "crossing the chasm" that their labels haven't put on Spotify yet. So for me, an expanded catalog I could not care less about. Especially when a family plan for Spotify is cheaper per person. Offline playback, playlists, etc, in a SC player I'd dig. My ideal use case is Spotify for label stuff, SC for the hipster PBR&B tranche below.
@shloky Makes sense! Thanks for the feedback.
wooohoo... offline playback... Literally something I'm struggling with right now while being in Spain and the garden is just out of WiFi reach!
@bentossell I know that feel
@bentossell Very excited about this as well! So much interesting stuff discovered on SoundCloud, which I haven't been able to have availalbe when travling for instance.
@bentossell I agree. For me, localization in music services takes the cake of maximum annoyance... Which is the case here as Soundcloud Go isn't available in Europe yet(?)... at least no France/UK.