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Music recommendations based on your listening history 🎶

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Love this. I'm a huge SoundCloud fan but discovery is tough unless you spend a lot of time curating your feed following the right artists/people. This feels a lot like Netflix's recommendations (e.g. "Because you liked Mr FijiWiji, Direct, & Aruna"). Here's what my Discover feed looks like: The first song on my SoundCloud Discover is 🔥 (for me).
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@rrhoover It's super interesting It's essentially "just" their related tracks for each of those tracks But the pattern behind is awesome. Use the data you have (vs becoming overcomplicated w/ a new engine) and add a useful presentation. Users wont' go that often to the detail page of the song Users will have forgotten maybe even about the song - or heard it 1000x times in their `/likes` page Job solved: Users can discover new music daily. PS: Wonder how they keep it interesting if you use it regularly
@rrhoover what's your sc username?
@j_nce I'm rrhoover!
@rrhoover followed! I'm 'jince'
The scale at which Soundcloud is operating is unique and gives us opportunities that none of our competitors have. We have amazing content created by amazing artists. Our goal is to develop algorithms capable of 'closing the loop' by generating a customised and enjoyable listening experience! For each user, for every (micro) moment of the day. Here a little bit more about what's going on behind the scenes! We will share more technical details in the nearest future.
I'm a daily SoundCloud user, but discovery had been weak. Most of my discovery was through Hypem. I'd like to see a shuffle option to shuffle through all suggestions, rather than just playing all songs similar to X.
@andrewett thanks for the feedback Andrew
Fun Fact: SoundCloud does not give you the ability to access who you are following on its mobile apps. I keep asking about this feature (an extremely obvious feature) and they keep ignoring. I love SoundCloud but it's pretty inexcusable that something so vital has been neglected for so long. Do better SoundCloud. Do better.
@mcw843 Hey Matt, thanks - we're working on this :)
@colemercer "But first, we're working on adding everything BUT that!"
Long overdue feature, but much appreciated nonetheless. As a soundcloud power-user, I am definitely excited to test this out and to help me discover new music. As this feature develops, I could see it becoming more of a flagship differentiator amongst the music services. Soundcloud's strength is in being a home for burgeoning artists and the social network of bloggers, enthusiasts and artists sharing music - there is SO MUCH recommending (with reposting actions) and discovery happening already, but as @rrhoover mentioned, this entails lots of curatorial effort on the user's part. Features like this help move the needle towards less effort, but still maintaining the strength of Soundcloud's social platform. Hey @nicolabortignon, how are you thinking of expanding this feature? Are there any burning questions you're looking to answer by introducing this?