SoundCloud Desktop

Use your media-keys ⏮⏯⏭ with SoundCloud

SoundCloud as you know and love it, but with the option to run in the background and control via media-keys (⏮⏯⏭) on your mac.

I have no affiliation with SoundCloud what so ever.

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Great product dude. You might also want to checkout as it works with almost all imaginable media players and websites (even SoundCloud)
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I use SoundCloud a lot and hated that iTunes would start every time I pushed my play/pause button. So I made a simple wrapper, to gain access to the media-keys directly from SoundCloud - and just in time for the weekend! Hope you like it! 🎶
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That is a great idea!
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Can not open the site :(
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Looks nice! Is it native or web-based?
@adamhoracek Simple electron wrapper - nothing fancy. But the only way to get vanilla SoundCloud with media-keys :)