A lightweight SoundCloud player for Mac

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NICE! I've been looking for a native SoundCloud app for the Mac. I've tried a few others that were too buggy or awkward. P.S. For those that love Hype Machine, check out this Mac app: Plug Two.
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@rrhoover so glad you like it!
@rrhoover did you ever try out Soundnode? I seem to remember liking it, but must have uninstalled it a while ago as it's no longer on my Macbook...!
@degoodmanwilson @rrhoover So the default shortcuts, (F7, F8, F9) do not work for me on my Mac. And I don't have iTunes, Spotify, or anything else opened, which I thought may be the issue. Any solutions? Bummed I just paid for this to get this functionality.
How does it compare to Cumulus? One thing I've wanted out of Cumulus is the ability to see who reposted the track. Right now songs play in my feed without any context:
@evannite I noticed that it is made in Swift and not a wrapped website like Cumulus. Should have a smaller memory footprint.
@skoerbitz @evannite actually we are wrapping a very lightweight webpage with a WKWebView. Cumulus uses Electron + Angular, so I expect Soundbar's memory footprint to be very much smaller. Would be curious to see concrete numbers though.
@degoodmanwilson @evannite I saw that too when I actually looked at the memory footprint. I had 3 processes taking 205 MB of uncompressed memory. Don't have Cumulus installed to compare it though.
@degoodmanwilson @skoerbitz @evannite Cumulus uses React instead of Angular and currently consumes about 120MB of memory including the helper processes spawned by Electron (about 25 of that is just the application).
This is awesome, but it's missing a really key and very small feature: Showing time elapsed. This is important because I often listen to DJ Mixes and discuss with friends tracks that come on at specific time. Without it, alas, I cannot socialize with my friends about mixes. :(
@theericanderson this is a great feature request! Thank you, will add it to the list for the next release :D
Pretty nice little lightweight Mac Menu Bar App to play SoundCloud The shortcuts are customizable too!
Finally another attempt for a native Soundcloud App. I like the lightweight approach of having it in the menu bar. The app still has some minor issues for me though as e.g. tracks showing up multiple times in the stream list. Would also be nice to be able to use the media keys rather the the fn keys equivalent. Worth the $3 in my opinion though.
@skoerbitz I would have liked to use the media keys too, still trying to figure out how to make that happen. :D