Sortd Sales CRM for Gmail

Uncomplicated, effortless, Trello-style CRM in your Gmail

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An uncomplicated, easy to use CRM for professionals & teams using Gmail/G-Suite. You’re working your leads & dealing with customers in email anyway - manage it all visually, with practically no additional effort.

A Trello-style sales pipeline, follow-up reminders & sales reports right in Gmail help you see your opportunities clearly & close more.

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  • Pros: 

    Wayne the Co-Founder is very nice and responds to email quickly


    Does not work inside of Shift which is where my Gmail lives

    I used Sortd for 6 months before and Shift launched on Product Hunt. The product is solid and did what I wanted for my mailbox. I so wish I could have it inside Shift today, but we can't for whatever reason.

    Try this out, it is worth it and made a big difference in my daily workflow. I will use it again when Shift allows such things.

    Thomas Denton has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Works well to have a simple sales tracking software


    Needs better analytics and contacts db (being worked on)

    I really like this product to follow my sales and leads, especially when tied in with the rest of the swimlanes I can have for other project work in Sortd. There's some improvement needed for analytics (seeing trends and making predictions on your actual conversions), and the contacts list is functional but basic. Both these areas are being worked on, and not deal breakers for my small business. And compared to other CRMs, having it all in my Gmail makes it much easier to keep everything up to date, and visible daily.

    It compares very favourably to Hubspot CRM. Both in terms of functionality and pricing.

    EnigmaticEvents has used this product for one month.


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keyul@keyul · Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
Whoaahh. I was looking for trello style CRM yesterday and seeing this today. Thank you for launching. @waynesilby
Wayne SilbermannMaker@waynesilby · Co-founder,
Hi ProductHunters, we’re super excited to be launching Sortd for Sales! Here’s some insight into our thinknig and motivation behind it.... There are tons of CRMs out there so why did we create another one? It seems that the biggest challenge today in the CRM space is that it can be complicated - your insights are only as good as your source data. Capturing data means time and effort, which inhibits the natural flow of the sales process. What we are aiming for with Sortd for Sales is to take the friction out of sales ‘management’ and to find that fine balance between management overhead and focus on the deal. Sales is still very email-centric, so we believe very strongly in an email first approach. The idea is to allow people to focus on what comes naturally - working your deals over email. We’ve augmented the email experience with useful tools that dovetail with your email workflow and allow you to manage things like pipeline deal stage, revenue forecasting and most importantly useful follow-up tools that help you stay on top of your leads to do a better job of closing. I could go on of course, but happy to answer any questions...
Mary Wolff@mbrwolff · Founder of Spacewolff
This looks really simple and my team has had trouble finding a CRM that can be customized to work with our marketplace business. It reminds me a little of Streak but with a more simple interface. Great work! Looking forward to testing it out.
Cam Burley@codecamcode
Looks intuitive. Love a good extension. Looking forward to trying this afternoon!
Robert Magrino@rmagrino · Looking for the best new things
Looks great. I see there is also an ios version that I have downloaded for my iphone/ipad, but it does not have the email integration. Any plans to integrate email into the app. All I see are the lists in the ios version. Thanks
Wayne SilbermannMaker@waynesilby · Co-founder,
@rmagrino there’s actually a Gmail add-on that works inside the Gmail app itself. When you open a mail if you scroll to the bottom of the screen you see a Sortd icon that opens a panel with Sortd functionality. You can get it at Just a note, however, that Google have had some problems with add-ons on iOS.