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I just downloaded Sortd and am starting to use it. The UI is clean. It will take a few days to see if the features are simple enough to stick with or too complex to be useful day to day. I do feel like it is an automated version of @andreasklinger 's awesome approach to gmail.
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@andreasklinger @corleyh I am a fan of Andreas's email workflow. We have tried to keep Sortd really flexible so people can tailor it to the way they work with email. You can easily rename and re-order the default lists for example, and even add more if you need. Sortd is really good at a few things that Gmail isn't, so you might find it quite easy to use Andreas's methodology with Sortd. Features like drag and drop prioritizing on any of your lists, and the ability to rename the subject of an email to something more relevant will probably come in handy. Also, I find that merging related email threads and adding ToDos alongside my emails tends to bring my priorities into the mix - so I find myself doing more of the things I want to and less Inbox maintenance. Would love to hear how it works out for you though?
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@waynesilby I'll definitely keep you posted.
@waynesilby When you change the subject of an email, how does that work, exactly? I can see how to do it -- but since that's not a native feature of Gmail, is that only happening within Sortd? If I were to view my emails outside of Sortd (like via mobile), are the original subject lines intact?
@brandhull We store the new subject on our side with a reference to the original mail. You are right, the original subject remains intact when you view view emails outside of Sortd. We've just released a mobile app - it's still got a way to go before you can use it as a replacement email experience on your mobile, but it allows you to manage all of your Sortd data (which obviously includes renamed subjects)...
@corleyh I've tried @andreasklinger's approach to email and love it! BUT I kinda wanted the Priority Inbox sorting features too. So with Sortd you get the best of both worlds and I'm such a fan!
I have a security concern about such Gmail Apps. I am allowing your app to access and manage my emails, how does that work in theory? Can you read my emails now? Since that's what API allows you to do.
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There's no end to the number of products created to make email more efficient/less painful (see this collection). The Trello-like interface could be very useful for bucketing emails and to-do's (I use Gmail stars to highlight things I need to respond to but they often get lost in my waterfall inbox). @waynesilby - why did you decide to build something for email, a space filled with skeletons?
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@rrhoover There are of course exceptions like Mailbox and Acompli who have done ok ;-) But the fact that so many have tried and failed is testament to the fact that email is in dire need of fixing and, right up there with world peace, we have hopes for a world with better email! If you are like me, you live in your Inbox all day, but using it to stay on top of stuff is pure chaos. The Inbox was never meant to be a ToDo list, but that’s how I use it (I even email myself to get stuff into my Inbox, all the time). My team felt the same way - so this all started when we decided we would just solve our own email problems :-) Our first thought was ‘surely by now someone has fixed email’. After a lot of research it just seemed that no one had really nailed it (@paulg also makes mention of this in his talk on the biggest startup ideas - The big fish in the space weren’t innovating enough (I guess that’s something that happens with big fish). And while there were some interesting new email apps out there, most of them required you to abandon the email app you already use (the one with all your data, where you know how to find everything). It’s painful moving to a new app for something like email when you rely on it so heavily. We figured that we could build a really simple and effective solution by complementing the email application people use already. Gmail was a perfect fit because we could extend it in the browser and there are loads of people who use it for work email (which is where Sortd really shines). So in short – email seems to have some inherent problems, and while other companies have tried to reinvent it, we think we have cracked a really simple and practical way to manage it with an organization-first approach. Sortd also leverages a lot of the underlying stuff that Gmail does well, so rather than reinventing the wheel we were able to focus solely on the part that we feel is missing from email - a really visual and intuitive way to organize it in the context of your tasks & priorities. Plus you only live once and we were looking for a big hairy challenge to keep things exciting :-) On a serious note, we wanted to work on something relevant to ourselves and millions of other people – fixing email is it!
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@rrhoover @paulg @waynesilby Email is one of those dragons I'd love to challenge, but just wouldn't know where to start. I like gmail, yet hate their basic format. I end up using Active Inbox and Streak to create better workflow within gmail, and you'd think several of those tools would be in basic gmail. The primary window most everyone stares at all day is email. But I don't just need email. I need my tasks, projects and calendar. So I use different apps/websites for each and hack them all together one way or the other. And I think we've all sent ourselves an email as a task (which I hate). I think the foundations of email needs an overhaul in a way that will let people use it in new ways outside of the current sets of hacks. I just don't know what that would look like, but I know what I wish it would do. My wife really likes Sortd. She had some issues here and there, but overall find it makes her gmail experience better (and she hates gmail). Her one suggestion is she'd like the emails in sorted to be unread then read which it doesn't currently do. So she moves from gmail view to sortd as she needs.
@rrhoover @paulg @golocalapps You are right that the foundation of email needs an overhaul. The problem is that everybody uses email - it's a standard - it's a way to reach someone based on an addressing scheme. The likes of Slack are creating alternate ways to communicate that are better in many ways for team communication, but email is still going to be around for a long long time (mainly because people expect to be able to contact other people that way). What's interesting is that email should really just be a way to communicate, but often work is generated based on email conversations. It's generated from other forms of communication too (like Slack, Skype and even Whatsapp these days), but the pain point is in dealing with all the work that comes from the conversations you have every day (especially when you also have to invest time triaging and 'cleaning up' so you don't miss anything). What we've tried to do with Sortd is add to the foundation by introducing the missing pieces that deal with organization (tasks, the idea of priority etc). So in a way, we've extended the protocol without the need to dig in and change what's already there. We have a long way to go before we've covered all the bases but I think we're headed in the right direction. Re your wife's suggestion to mark items read/unread, I'm not sure what you mean - it works the same way Gmail does, so when you have viewed a message it's marked as read. It synchronises with the underlying Mailbox via Imap though, so you might notice small delays updating to mobile for example.
@rrhoover @paulg @waynesilby My wife may read an email and then mark it as unread so she knows there is a task in it. In Gmail she can sort emails by Unread first, then Read emails. In sortd, if she has a list of emails (from what I understand about how it works) they don't sort by read/unread emails. Unread first, then all the read emails in the list. If you ever want to discuss (via email HA!) further, feel free to contact me.This is a pet peeve of mine that i'd love to see someone fix.
@rrhoover @paulg @golocalapps We are just about to release a new feature to improve on that exact experience, so I'd love to hear your thoughts. And your wife's :) What's your email add? Otherwise pls email me at
I've been waiting for a "tweetdeck for gmail". I would love columns to support labels, filters, and search. i.e: IF [label] include email in column. or "IF [filter] then include email" I need more automation for this to be useful enough to leave my setup with Airmail.
@jasonhitchcock It's on our product roadmap. I can't make promises re the timing, but it is a priority.
@jasonhitchcock would def pay for this
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