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Find an email in seconds with these free preset filters

#3 Product of the WeekMarch 19, 2020
Find that email you need in seconds with these free preset filters:
✅ Email Size
✅ Date you received an email
✅ Unread emails
✅ Email address
✅ Company domain (ie.
✅ Attachment size, and attachment type
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Hi 👋 hunters! We know how much you hate having to spend time searching for email. We hate it too! No more searching for the emails you need to find quickly—have the most popular filters set up in your Gmail label area so that you can easily find what you need in seconds. With this free Chrome extension, you'll be able to have your Gmail inbox presorted by: ✅ Email Size ✅ Received Date organized by year, month, or exact date ✅ Unread emails ✅ A specific person ✅ A specific company, like anyone with emails that have the domain "" ✅ Attachment size, and attachment type, too! We hope you like this little gift 🎁 to help keep your productivity going strong 💪 while you might be working from home during this global pandemic. cloudHQ. Helping your productivity, 1 click at a time.
@nassaraf Thanks for useful extension! Question: How could I fix it if one person has 3+ emails? Now I see 3 different persons with the same name in the column. I'm get a little upset.
@nuta_blinicheva Hi Nuta. That's a good question... just thinking out loud here: maybe we can work around it if the email sender is in your Google contacts where you could have one contact profile with multiple email addresses and have a preset filter by name vs email address. I know it's possible, so let me check on how long that might take to implement. Really great feedback... Thank you 🙏 !
I am really bad at organizing my emails, so this is really helpful. Thank you!
@cixliv Here's a secret: we're all terrible at organizing our emails! 😩But this is a great power user move that gets you organized quickly! 💪🏽
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! Why can't we have an option for Firefox in cloud HQ extension. Sincere request for considering Firefox extension for us users.
@ayushchandra Hi Ayush, thanks for the question, and we'd love to have you as a user! We're already looking at expanding into multiple browsers, including Firefox. Once we work through that 😅, we'll release on Product Hunt with a v2 product launch! 🎉
This. Is. AWESOME. Thanks! Why I love Product Hunt -- didn't know how much I needed this until I saw it.
@blake_whittington Love 💕 hearing that!
Anything that helps people use Gmail better is something I recommend. Quick question, since I’m sure you’re familiar with the space. are there any plugins that let you put specific emails in a special spot if you need to reference them a few more times before you can archive them?
@maxmirho1 Hi Max, why not save those emails to a PDF?
@nassaraf great point! but then they aren't accessible on gmail the app itself. I want to be able to keep everything on the app!
@maxmirho1 Gotcha. Curious why you wouldn't just place those emails in a Gmail label until you want to archive them?
@nassaraf That's a good point! Usually that's what I do - but they end up being in a separate place from my to-do list, so I guess I get confused. Maybe I should just be more diligent with writing down to-dos from my email inbox!