Put the outside world on hold – this is all about you and your music. No noise, no wires, no distractions. Just exceptional sound, industry-leading noise cancellation, and hour upon hour of pure listening freedom.
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LOL, anyone that says this competes with airpods is missing the point. Airpods are not about noise cancelling and quality. They are about convenience. The toothfloss sized box that easily fits in your pocket without bulk. The super slim/small form factor of the actual airpod. Companies trying to displace airpods are totally missing the struggle that it solves. Adding features isn't going to do it.
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@isterin Why are you so confident that these earbuds are trying to compete against Airpods? I don't think that they are. If I was in the market for noise canceling headphones or earbuds, I wouldn't even consider purchasing Airpods. These Sony earbuds are going for a different sector of the market than Airpods.
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@isterin It's competing with anything that can be used to do the same job. Airpods, other noise cancelling headphones, etc. Airpods have some benefits these don't have, and vice versa. "Adding features" (more like benefits) is required if you want some sort of differentiation to compete.
@isterin @davidoudiette Airpods do not noise cancel. They let in a lot of external sound. I fly with Bose Noise Canceling, and use my Airpods for calls when I'm walking. I came to this post because these are competition for my Bose, not for my Airpods.
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@davidoudiette partially true. It's about tradeoffs. You can't do all the jobs. In this case, the bulky form factor make it less likely that someone will leave the airpods for these, unless the tradeoff they are making is better quality sound.
@davidoudiette @brian_j_fox Absolutely. Agree with that. My response was to the marketing post that said they are competing with airpods. :-)
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Sony WF-1000MX3
Airpods 2.0
Powerbeats Pro
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@amrith jabra Elite active sports
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@amrith I've already purchased the Skullcandy Indy and they've been real solid so far.
@amrith What about RHA TrueConnect and Sennheiser Momentum TrueWireless? These are way better!
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@amrith Bragi Dash Pro
The TC writer mentioned these are targeted towards frequent flyers, but personal experience leads me to believe that would be uncomfortable. Having in-ear monitors puts pressure on the inside of the ear, which can become uncomfortable after a few hours. Closed back monitors that go over the ears would be several times better at silencing background noise, but at the cost of additional weight. Maybe these should be targeted towards the fitness crowd?
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I don’t really understand the hype, the Jabra 65t’s came out a year ago with noise cancelling, smaller profile & charging case 🤷‍♂️ https://www.jabra.com/bluetooth-...
@atqlong1 I just got the Jabra 65t's. They don't have active noise cancelling. They're surprisingly good though. Two of my friends recommended them to me.
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@atqlong1 @charleshancom because noise canceling is feature of Jabra Evolve 65t not Elite ;)
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@marcinkarkocha The 65t Evolve variant do not have active noise cancellation, either. As confirmed by the Tech Specs section on Jabra's own site: https://www.jabra.ca/business/of...
No volume controls :( Dislike any ear phones, headphones that comes without a volume control.