Sony LF-S50G

Combining Sony quality with the power of Google Assistant đź‘Ź

The LF-S50G combines Sony's high quality sound—from a 360° speaker system—with help from your Google Assistant.

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Brandon Mowat
Brandon Mowat@brandonmowat · Engineering @ Ada Support
HomePod? Is that you?
Zach Dubos
Zach Dubos@zduboss · Building robots @ FTC
Looks like a HomePod.
Hsn KtĹź
Hsn Ktş@hsn_kts · manager
Kartik Sathappan
Kartik Sathappan@kartikcooks · Product Manager / Angel Investor
What a charming name!
Joe Goldstein
Joe Goldstein@joeadamg · Director of SEO at Contractor Calls