Sony Digital Paper

Reinventing paper. Sony's e-ink tablet.

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Jerre Baumeister
@jerrebm · Founder Snitcher.com
Cool, but why would you buy this if you can get an iPad Pro for less?
Andreas Duess
@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
What's better than paper? Nothing, in my opinion. I am the typical early adopter and I think I must have tried most of the paper alternatives out there, from iPad apps to digital notebooks. Nothing, for me, beats a large black notebook, where I can staple stuff to pages, flip through pages, see progress across pages and have a tool at my disposal that needs … See more
Marlon Wayne
@m_rlons · UX Designer | Marketing
This looks awesome! Kind of like reviving the boogie board!
@aramsterdam · Solution Guru, solvo
I love the concept, but is this really "the reading and writing tool of the 21st century"? At its pricepoint I doubt it finds a solid place in the market.
Julien Bek
What is the display latency on e-ink with this product?