Sony Digital Paper

Reinventing paper. Sony's e-ink tablet.

#1 Product of the DayJune 07, 2017




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Jerre Baumeister@jerrebm · Founder
Cool, but why would you buy this if you can get an iPad Pro for less?
Markus Gerke@markusgerke · Visual Designer
@jerrebm "[…] battery life of up to 3 weeks" That's why. ;) I guess it's great f.e. for teacher and a fluent replacement for analog stuff.
Charles CH Mandel@ch_mandel · Founder @ Parisian Design
@jerrebm maybe to increase the user base and boost the market of this product; so that it will, in turn, push forward the development of future products using this R&D as a base. I've been waiting for years now for electronic paper to take our need for paper to the lowest as possible. Trying to save what's left of our forests seems a decent goal and reducing paper consumption is one of the most credible ways to get there IMHO. Kudos to Sony for trying again and again in this domain.
Mark Kiner@mark_k · Student
@ch_mandel @jerrebm Definitely, if nothing else it will push more R&D into this field and hopefully halt or at least slowdown deforestation. A lot of really cool tech out there trying to solve environmental issues nowadays, it's quite inspiring.
Matt@fightn4food · creative, Every Wednesday Night
@ch_mandel I would think producing paper is 'greener' than producing this and similar products. At least to get more paper we have to plant more trees.
Panos Papadopoulos@panosjee · Partner at Marathon VC
@jerrebm mindfulness :)
Mathieu Gosselin@matgosselin · Mad Captain
@jerrebm So you can use it on the beach! Outside and all. And not have to charge it everytime. But I'd agree for the price between it and an iPad Pro I dunno...
Sajeesh Philip@philipsajeesh · Founder: &
@ch_mandel @jerrebm As long as we can't fold it and keep it in our pocket, it's not an electronic paper. At least not yet. And, yeah.. kudos to Sony for keep trying. :)
Charles CH Mandel@ch_mandel · Founder @ Parisian Design
@fightn4food my point exactly, it's still 'greener' to produce paper, until we reach that point we have to keep researching and developing new ways to make e-paper the greenest possible, imho of course.
@ch_mandel @fightn4food hmm, interesting. Do you have any source? At what point (area of paper is the unit here) does this become greener?
Joan Mershon@joan · LifeABILITY
@jerrebm Same reason why my tablet will not replace my Kindle - e-ink is easier on the eyes than a tablet (apple or otherwise) screen - better suited for all day use.
Lyondhur@lyondhur · SM UX/IxD Designer ProdDev & Scrum Coach
@markusgerke Ivy League early adopter teachers perhaps? I wonder which meals, expenses, rent month, car part, insurance or child healthcare a regular teacher would replace 'analogue stuff' with this? Too late in the game, too expensive; out placed. Makes an iPad Pro look cheap.. BTW, a cheap and flexible e-paper screen should be a add-on for you to carry/stick anywhere --including the back of your iPad Pro 😄
Andreas Duess@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
What's better than paper? Nothing, in my opinion. I am the typical early adopter and I think I must have tried most of the paper alternatives out there, from iPad apps to digital notebooks. Nothing, for me, beats a large black notebook, where I can staple stuff to pages, flip through pages, see progress across pages and have a tool at my disposal that needs no batteries, is cheap to buy, works on planes and doesn't rely on cloud storage for its usefulness.
Marlon WayneHiring@m_rlons · Founder @ Impulse
This looks awesome! Kind of like reviving the boogie board!
Eon@eonpilot · Swift dev @
@m_rlons I don't get the joke but its still funny 🤣
Marlon WayneHiring@m_rlons · Founder @ Impulse
@eonpilot looks like the boogie board has departed largely from where it started, but it used to be more similar to what Sony just released...albeit shittier
Smokie@xtoq · Smokie Does Stuff
@eonpilot @m_rlons He's referring to another similar product, not the outdoor sporting activity.
Eon@eonpilot · Swift dev @
@xtoq @m_rlons Ahh. Seems like this space is getting crowded: Even a company from my home-country Norway has a eInk-Tablet: This one is 55ms refresh-rate. The new IPad pro is 20ms. Smaller is better. I guess there is a reason they always draw slow in these promo vids 🔑
Noah Kim@wuss · in progress ▓▓▓▓▓▓░░ 80%
@m_rlons when did the boogie board die? My kid uses it every day !
Marlon WayneHiring@m_rlons · Founder @ Impulse
@wuss good point! Smaller user base isn't death. I'm comparing Apples to Boogies.
Smokie@xtoq · Smokie Does Stuff
@m_rlons I snorted.
Aram@aramsterdam · data & intelligence, solvo
I love the concept, but is this really "the reading and writing tool of the 21st century"? At its pricepoint I doubt it finds a solid place in the market.
Julien Bek@julienbek
What is the display latency on e-ink with this product?
Eon@eonpilot · Swift dev @
@julienbek Why must you speak of this and ruin everything?
Joe Snell
@julienbek I think sony's is 55ms
Eon@eonpilot · Swift dev @
@joesnell @julienbek Yeah, I think 55ms is the cutting edge eInk atm. Was 100ms not long ago.