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Cool, but why would you buy this if you can get an iPad Pro for less?
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@jerrebm "[…] battery life of up to 3 weeks" That's why. ;) I guess it's great f.e. for teacher and a fluent replacement for analog stuff.
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@jerrebm maybe to increase the user base and boost the market of this product; so that it will, in turn, push forward the development of future products using this R&D as a base. I've been waiting for years now for electronic paper to take our need for paper to the lowest as possible. Trying to save what's left of our forests seems a decent goal and reducing paper consumption is one of the most credible ways to get there IMHO. Kudos to Sony for trying again and again in this domain.
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@ch_mandel @jerrebm Definitely, if nothing else it will push more R&D into this field and hopefully halt or at least slowdown deforestation. A lot of really cool tech out there trying to solve environmental issues nowadays, it's quite inspiring.
@ch_mandel I would think producing paper is 'greener' than producing this and similar products. At least to get more paper we have to plant more trees.
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What's better than paper? Nothing, in my opinion. I am the typical early adopter and I think I must have tried most of the paper alternatives out there, from iPad apps to digital notebooks. Nothing, for me, beats a large black notebook, where I can staple stuff to pages, flip through pages, see progress across pages and have a tool at my disposal that needs no batteries, is cheap to buy, works on planes and doesn't rely on cloud storage for its usefulness.
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This looks awesome! Kind of like reviving the boogie board!
@m_rlons I don't get the joke but its still funny 🤣
@eonpilot https://myboogieboard.com/ looks like the boogie board has departed largely from where it started, but it used to be more similar to what Sony just released...albeit shittier
@eonpilot @m_rlons He's referring to another similar product, not the outdoor sporting activity. http://www.myboogieboard.com/
@xtoq @m_rlons Ahh. Seems like this space is getting crowded: Even a company from my home-country Norway has a eInk-Tablet: https://getremarkable.com/ This one is 55ms refresh-rate. The new IPad pro is 20ms. Smaller is better. I guess there is a reason they always draw slow in these promo vids 🔑
@m_rlons when did the boogie board die? My kid uses it every day !
I love the concept, but is this really "the reading and writing tool of the 21st century"? At its pricepoint I doubt it finds a solid place in the market.
What is the display latency on e-ink with this product?
@julienbek Why must you speak of this and ruin everything?
@julienbek I think sony's is 55ms
@joesnell @julienbek Yeah, I think 55ms is the cutting edge eInk atm. Was 100ms not long ago.