The fastest way to share what's playing on your Mac ๐ŸŽถ

Songshare for macOS is the fastest way to share what's playing. Songshare lets you share the Spotify or Apple Music link to your current song, regardless which app you're listening on. No account setup required. Just click the icon in your status bar to grab either the Spotify or iTunes share link!


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Hey @nate_hobi, This is fun! What made you want to build this, and how has it been going for users ?
@jacqvon Good question โ€” as an Apple Music user, I look up songs on Spotify all the time to share with my friends that use Spotify. It's a pain โ€” so essentially, I built this for me. Hoping others find it super handy as well!
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Clever idea, @nate_hobi. I could imaging you expanding this out into a social experience. What's on the roadmap?
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! There doesn't seem to be a widely adopted platform-agnostic social space for sharing your music taste. I'd love for Songshare to be that experience for fellow music lovers. Circling back to what Songshare is today and the short term road map, users who purchase Songshare can expect to see support for other streaming services sooner than later.
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