Make a song with your friends. Snapchat for songwriting.

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I played bass in a punk rock band 15 years ago, and now I'm old and married and kids and less punk rock. I miss playing in a band and if I'm honest with myself I'll probably never have the time again. I wanted to make music with my friends so I have spent the last year building an iOS app called Songpong. Record a track. Send it to a friend. They record over it, and send it back. On and on it goes. It's free, live in the App Store, and definitely still in beta. I'm looking for overall feedback as well as specific issues you encounter while hopefully having fun with this little project.
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@jordanful Seems to be super cool, unfortunately I'm on Android. Do you plan to do it on Android ?
Very cool! Going to give it a shot, nicely done.
This sounds super fun. Downloading now. Get on this, @jtzou and @staringispolite!
Just downloaded it. It's super simple, but may be a little too simple. I have no idea how to find friends, because it's blank. Consider the full design stack, that would be a suggestion. Any ways we can be friends and jam?
@mrabramowitz thanks, sounds like a (bad) bug. looking into it!
@mrabramowitz Sorry, this isn't a great fix. But deleting and reinstalling the app worked for me and another user. Try it and let me know? Thanks Corey
@jordanful that did work. Now I'm just wondering who these people are. I'll play with it, my biggest suggestion at this time would be resolving some UX woes. Great idea. Thanks
@mrabramowitz lots in the works. thanks
Too simple. Such a great idea. @brian_hynes We should check this out today. Let's get the band back together maaan! 🎸