Songlink 2.0

Share music with anyone 🤘

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Kurt Weiberth
@kweiberth · Chief Architect, Songlink
Hello Makers, Hunters and everyone else! Songlink is the best way to share music (we think 😜). Instead of sharing a Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube link, you should share a Songlink URL. Your friends, family and fans will all be able to listen to the dope track you’re sharing, no matter which music streaming app they use. There are a couple of ways you c… See more
Markus Schuette
Awesome platform, guys! Looking to implement something like this for my music blog http://hypelist.io - hit me up at music@hypelist.io!
Joshua Willuhn
@joshuawilluhn · ridedata.net
This looks cool! a playlist option would be cool.
Toby Samuels
@tsamuels102 · Founder Reshoevn8r.co.uk
Just what the doctor ordered
Simon Duhem
@smndhm · Web Engineer @ Deezer
Hey, where is @deezer ? :)