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Hello Makers, Hunters and everyone else! Songlink is the best way to share music (we think ). Instead of sharing a Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube link, you should share a Songlink URL. Your friends, family and fans will all be able to listen to the dope track youre sharing, no matter which music streaming app they use. There are a couple of ways you can create a Songlink URL. You can head to our home page at and use the search bar to find a song youd like to share. If thats too difficult (it probably is), you can simply compose a Songlink URL. First, in the music streaming app youre using, grab the share URL for the song youd like to share. Then, add that URL right after our root domain, like this: We support Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Google Play Music. You can find out all there is to know about how to create and share Songlink URLs at, complete with how-to gifs! There is also information about how to contribute to the Songlink platform, which brings us to our last point: We need your help! People use different music apps (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc) and a variety of social platforms (SMS, iMessage, Twitter, Slack, etc) to communicate. They browse the web with different browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE10 , etc) on different devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc) with different operating systems (iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, etc). We are unable to build all of the cool shit that can help people make and share Songlink URLs. But with your help, we can do it 返. Again, check out all the info at to learn more. Please reach out to us here, on Twitter ( or via email ( if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the platform. 儭 歹, Kurt and Nick PS Id like to shout out and say thanks to David, Ethan and Nick S, who helped me build version 1.0 of Songlink about a year ago. The Songlink youre looking at now is a reimagined, enhanced Songlink, accomplished via a large-scale architectural refactor and a new partnership between me and Nick M, who is adding his (impressive) creativity skills and enthusiasm to the platform.
@kweiberth @songlink Hey Kurt, I really want you to know how awesome this service is! I'll probably use this every day or so for the rest of my life. One of my close personal friends lives far away from me, and we use music and songs that we like as a method of keeping in touch. Sadly, she doesn't have the services that I use and always has to search to find songs, which at times can be difficult. This webapp is going to make life so much easier for us! Thank you, and thank all of the Songlink team, for making something actually usable 1000% of the time! 歹
@tristanisham @songlink Thanks for the kind words! This makes us happy. We look forward to being there for you and your friend as you share music and rock on
@kweiberth @songlink Is it possible to embed this into a website? We'd love to use this on EDM Sauce.
@stevenjacobs_ @songlink we don't have any embedable HTML widgets right now. We're thinking about what would make the most sense. For now, you can always just use an anchor tag, albeit boring :)
@kweiberth @songlink Hi from SoundCloud. Want to chat? We should get SC on Songlink :)
Awesome platform, guys! Looking to implement something like this for my music blog - hit me up at!
@markus_schuette @hypelist Slick site over there at hypelist! It looks like a lot of the songs you have on there are SoundCloud. We are unsure if or when we'll be integrating SoundCloud with Songlink. Do you find a lot of the songs you post from SoundCloud are also available on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube?
@kweiberth @hypelistmusic hmm I see. How come no Soundcloud yet? Yeah, a good a mount are available on Spotify and Youtube, but they usually source from SC. Any ideas?
@markus_schuette @hypelistmusic It's easier to match songs on Spotify and Apple Music and Google Play Music. We are supporting YouTube, which has proven to be much more difficult to find matches due to the unstructured nature of the videos/data. SoundCloud is going to be similar. I think we need to focus on improving our YouTube matches and then apply what we learn to SoundCloud. I also would like to make sure that most SoundCloud songs are also on YouTube or Spotify. Because if they're mostly only on SoundCloud, then Songlink doesn't provide value (you should just share the SoundCloud url).
@kweiberth @hypelistmusic Got it, thanks for explaining. My idea was to make the 'Source' button link to your Soundlink portal so the user can use the platform of their choice. Keep me posted on SoundCloud support.
@markus_schuette @hypelistmusic For sure. It would be a great integration. If the source is Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or Google Play Music, you can easily create a Songlink URL. More info on this at I'll definitely keep you posted on SoundCloud support.
This looks cool! a playlist option would be cool.
@joshuawilluhn yes, playlists would be dope. They add some unique challenges for which we don't have the solutions. But it's on the long-term roadmap. If you have any ideas about how to accomplish it, do reach out! The most difficult part is how to "copy" a playlist onto all the other platforms. Otherwise it's just a collection of Songlink pages and a bad user experience for the receiver to have to open each song individually. It's possible we could have users link their accounts to Spotify, YouTube, etc.
Just what the doctor ordered
Hey, where is @deezer ? :)
@smndhm @deezer We had Deezer on our old site, but I recall it was really hard to test the links since it wasn't available here in the US. Would there be a reasonable way for us to use/test the links? If so it shouldn't be too much work to add it :)
@kweiberth @deezer To my eyes it doesn't seems that hard to get links. The country availability is in the API response. You can contact me if needed sd[at]
@smndhm @deezer cool I will look into implementing Deezer again. Not being able to test the Deezer links our algorithm was choosing was the only bad thing, but I guess I will just have to trust that they work, especially if I've got the country availability. Will hit you up with any questions I have :)
@smndhm we've got Deezer at Simon, if you're desperate!
@marcperel Cool, good to know ! Thanks ! (But since @kweiberth contacted me and implemented Deezer to their service)