Sonar Calendly Integration

Simple meeting scheduling & reminders over mobile messaging

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Hey everyone - I’m a co-founder of Sonar and I'm excited to share our Calendly Integration with the Product Hunt community! Sonar is the simplest way for businesses to communicate with customers and prospects using SMS. Companies like Realtor and Zillow use Sonar to build stronger, more personal relationships with their customers. Recently, we noticed that teams were using Calendly to easily book meetings, but there was still a lot of time-consuming work to ensure prospects showed up! This integration focuses on everything that happens after a Calendly link is sent. It automatically sends personalized SMS meeting reminders, easily allows customers to reschedule meetings, and calculates meeting show-rates to help teams track how they are doing. If you use Calendly, please try it out, by signing-up at the link in this post, or email us at If you have any questions about why we built this, how it’s being used or about Sonar, then please ask; I’ll be here all day to answer!
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@sendsonar @neewho Nice work! I know lots of companies use Twilio for SMS messaging; how is Sonar different?
Good question, @_pulkitagrawal. Twilio is a great API for sending SMS messages, but it’s not designed to help you handle any customer responses you get in return. Sonar, on the other hand, gives you an interface to engage in meaningful, two-way sms conversations with your customers. Two way communication is important for building a personal relationship with your customers, and in the case of meeting reminders, it’s critical to getting the best results. We found that ~25% of responses to meeting reminder SMS messages are customers asking to reschedule to a new time. If all those messages were lost, teams would miss out on actually getting a meeting on the books for a time that works for their customers / prospects and suffer from more no-shows.
With this new Calendly integration from Sonar, if you're using mobile messaging, it just became easier to schedule meetings. This is perfect for sales teams who are looking to increase response rates. And there's conversion metrics to help you learn and improve too!
@hnshah Thanks, Hiten! We saw a lot of our customers using Calendly + SMS to drive double digit increases in meeting show rates, so the value of building the integration was clear.
This seems cool. Whats the advantage of communicating via SMS though... Why not just email?
Thanks for your question, @sheel_mohnot. Calendly already sends automatic email reminders, but we saw that teams were still sending SMS messages through Sonar for a few reasons: 1- SMS messages have ~99% read rates vs emails at ~20%. So the meeting reminders actually get seen when they are sent via text. 2- When customers receive a personalized SMS meeting reminder, ~30% reply back as opposed to the ~1-2% click through and reply rates that we see on emails. 3- Of the ~30% of customers that reply, 75% or so confirm and ~20% or so proactively reschedule rather than simply not attending. This lets teams use those time slots for other meetings and still get a touch point with their customers. Hope that answers your question!
@sheel_mohnot @neewho good points. But also make this a bit pushy. I guess thats why RE agents enjoy it.
Great job !! How would this help sales companies in India ? Would like to know more 😊
@ayush_chandra Yes, we support two-way texting in India as well. If you're interested, sign up on the link above and we'll be in touch!

Awesome way to notify meeting parties so they don't forget :)


convenient notifications


won't skip meetings