The easiest way to send & receive SMS messages w/ customers

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Since using Sonar at Bohemian Guitars we've seen a tremendous spike in user engagement and leads. It's easy to implement and highly effective. Every eccommerce brand could benefit from having this alternate communication channel via mobile.
Hey Product Hunters! I'm one of the creators of Sonar here to answer any questions you have. If you’re looking to use SMS for sales, customer service, transactional messages, and more - we’re the easiest service to use! We’re offering an extended free trial to product hunters, applied automatically during registration (no CC required). Mobile phone verification is required to help filter out spammers. Thanks to everyone for checking us out it means a lot!!
Matt worked with me when i was in 500 startups as part of their distribution team. What inspired you to build this @MatthewBerman ?
@eriktorenberg A few things inspired us actually. There was an obvious want from customers (a personal want as well) to text message companies (I hate calling/emailing companies like AT&T). Also, we noticed that just by putting a phone number on a website, lots of people tried to text that number! It's just a super efficient way to get a quick response from a company. Also, from the company's perspective, it's a great way to form a more personal (not spammy!) connection with customers.
@eriktorenberg @MatthewBerman As Erik mentioned i've been impressed with Matt's work for 500's distribution team and previous experience. I'm truly excited for the product and its vast potential for applications across many verticals. This inspired me to be an investor in Sonar, thanks Matt for letting me be part of the team!
@eriktorenberg @tfong thanks for the kind words, Tim! You've been a huge help for Sonar getting to this point.
Great tool for a Marketplace businesses like us that needs to engage the supply side regularly - I'm just happy we got our hands on it first
Big fan of @MatthewBerman and the concept behind Sonar—very compelling opportunity to create customer engagement through an under-utilized channel.
@malaparte thanks man! always nice to hear from someone like you
We like Matt's work. Super helpful for us, and we work with brick and mortars.
@aileengemma thanks so much:)