World’s first sleep robot to improve sleep

Somnox is world's first sleep robot to improve your sleep by using breathing regulation, sounds and affection. Sleep faster, longer and wake up naturally.

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Hello you amazing Product Hunters! Thanks for hunting us today @bramk It all started with a personal experience. With close family members suffering from sleep deprivation, I was no stranger to the direct impact of insomnia on their day-to-day life. Tiredness, lack of energy, health problems. I also found that the primary sleep aids they used were sleeping pills. While those can, of course, be effective for short-term use, they are harmful and addictive in the long run. There was no proper solution out there, yet there was certainly a need for one. We thought it was time to act. And so we did.  Our adventure began at the Robotics Institute of the TU Delft, where, with the engineering expertise and support around us, we started draining our savings to create the world’s first sleep robot. We have spent 2,5 years of our lives to develop world's first sleep robot to improve your sleep. Co-designed with our partner Royal Auping, Europe's leading circular mattress company, we can assure you a sustainable product with high-quality materials. So what does it do? The Somnox the Sleep Robot simulates human breathing. Its users will subconsciously adjust its breathing rhythm to that of the sleep robot. Research has shown that breathing is essential to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation. Provides its users with soothing audio. The sounds of heartbeats, lullabies, guided meditation - or upload your own - are included in the accompanying app, which is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. Personal preferences can be set during the day and ensure a tailored approach to improve sleep during the night. We plan to do over-the-air updates to add value over time. The Somnox sleep robot might be able to listen to you, coach you through cognitive techniques. We have tested with over 85 test sleepers and from our latest feedback round, we have had a positive feedback rating of 90%. People sleep faster, longer and wake up refreshed. Last Tuesday we launched on Kickstarter, and reached our funding goal (€100k) within 4 days! Really excited to show this product to the Product Hunt community now. Looking forward to your feedback and please hit us up with any questions you have!
I can't tell if I should think of this as a baby or a significant other...
@chrismessina see it as an addition to the family haha! Your soft robotic sleep companion to improve your sleep. The effect is however similar to that of a baby/pet/significant other next to you in bed. However, without the down-sides (snoring etc) haha! No, I'm joking around. The robot has features that are tailored to your needs (calibrated breathing profile, soothing sounds and so on set through the mobile app iOS & Android) that are proven to be more effective in helping you fall asleep than just the breathing/sounds of your significant other. Sleep well! :)
Real innovation! I'm all for anything that improves sleep, especially when a reliance on sleeping pills can be broken. Well done on your Kickstarter so far! "Gives the feeling of affection with soft robotic love." - Uhm, what do you mean?
@leandrobthomas thanks! Our mission is to get rid of addictive pills with unwanted side-effects. We found that cuddling is actually super important to relax and calm body and mind. It provides a feeling of affection. People perceive the Somnox sleep robot as a living being. A soft companion that takes care of them during the night the moment they feel stress or anxious. If you want to know more about our scientific research / background refer to our white paper.
@leandrobthomas You gotta hold it to really understand the feeling of affection ❤️. I think @inlovewith01 can give a more detailed description of her experience at CES Unveiled Amsterdam this year ;).
@leandrobthomas @bagindatirtadji Haha I slept with it at CES Unveiled Amsterdam. It feels as if you're sleeping with a baby or a cat in your arms. Instead of just holding it you can lean on it and the robot adjusts its movement to the way you breathe.