Solver, a community place for mathematical equations

Solver is a community place for mathematical equations aimed to help students with solving math equations.

Open equations to find formulas and enter variables to solve equations and complete math questions!

Simply search for equations in fields such as algebra, physics and geometry. Like and save equations to your account to use later.

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Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt
@henry_goodwin hey Henry! What inspired you to build Solver?
@ems_hodge The app was inspired from the lack of simple equation solvers online and the app store as when I was studying and needed to quickly solve equations I was unable to find a intuitive way to do so, so i decided to make a app that will allow users to search and solve equations quickly and easily as well as save and like formulas for later use. The application is currently in development to allow users to app their own equations that they are using in school and classrooms to build a community of educational help and simple mathematical solving.
Usha ArunProject Manager; Tech-savvy
@henry_goodwin You've created a solution for many problems :). Cool app 👍
Smita SrivastavaIn love with all things Yoga :)
Hi Henry, how is it different from other math solver apps?
@smita_srivastava So far i haven't found a math solver that allows you to enter values for specific equations, the app will soon also allow users to add their own equations that they use onto the app for all users to see. Anyone way that it is different is that it allows users to create an account in order to save and like equations they use.
Very cool. This is an app I’ve always wanted to exist, but could never find. Looking forward to user additions
I suggest adding a community based feature where you can post a question you may be stuck on and the community can help you answer it. :))
@itsmidnightyo Great idea :)
Full Stack Dev
I believe wolfram alpha does an excellent job at equations. How is this different from what I get from ?
@itsshashank Yes they do a excellent job at equations but you have to enter the equations manually with solver you only have to enter in the values and it solves for you making solving easier and quick.
@itsshashank @henry_goodwin Do I understand it correctly that the uniqueness of your product is that it provides templates for a quick user input?