No cameraman? No problem.

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Sweet! No cameraman needed (just a guard who keeps people from stealing your equipment). ;)
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@jannis hehe.. very true!
A very innovative product that has a ton of use cases.
I don't own a Soloshot but I am a surfer and I definitely see the value in using one. I really never have any video footage of myself (who's going to wait on the beach while I surf?) but it would be really valuable for improving my skills. The biggest barrier is that everyone I surf with would wonder who the kook using the videocamera is - surfers aren't super keen on documentation of their spots/locations. Still a cool product. I also think there are a ton of obvious use-cases beyond surfing.
This is almost as cool as a selfie drone.
This is one of those products that makes me wish I had a use for it. Very cool.