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Hi there, I’m Romain, CEO of Solid. With Solid, our goal is to alleviate meeting pains by automating their boring parts. We also put a lot of focus into improving important aspects of every meeting, especially with the note­taking experience. We created a smooth interface that allows to take notes, quickly create and assign action items, and mark decisions and open issues instantly. With the iOS app, our aim was to translate this into a mobile experience and I think we did that pretty well :) Oh, btw it also comes with an Apple Watch companion app to help you keep your meetings on track, and on time! Just a nice added bonus we’ve thrown in there. If you have any questions, me and the rest of the team will monitor this thread all day to provide replies!
ah! I'll start to love meetings again. thx guys
@kevin_granger wow, that's quite a statement coming from you :D Congrat'z to all the Solid team!
@kevin_granger Thk's! Can't wait for your feedback!
This is fantastic. The feature set is exactly what I have been looking for to run more effective meetings! My only gripe at the moment is that it's still fairly slow and buggy, so I'd hesitate to integrate it into my workflow until these are fixed. Also, the 'notes' show up with checkboxes next to them when the summary is emailed which is a little confusing. Otherwise, keep it up, this has great promise.
@mattio Hi Matt! Thanks a lot for your kind words, we really appreciate it here! :) Quoting from you, the notes with checkboxes are actually "action items", assigned by / to you during a meeting. You can check them off when they are finished, or export them to other task / project management apps such as Trello, Asana, etc. via Zapier. We’ve been very focused on having a stable first iOS release, and we're non-stop working on fixing issues for the future updates. You can also check out our web version, if you haven't already! :)
@elifko Thanks for the response Elif! I meant that the 'notes' AND 'action' items both show up with checkboxes. I.e., on the web platform they were recorded as notes, not actions, but appear as actions when the summary is emailed.
@mattio This is the first time we've received an issue like this. I tried to recreate the problem, but it looks fine from our side. I'll pass it along to our development team, to further investigate the issue. Thanks a lot for the clarification!
Hi, can you make it work with Exchange?
@wattsjonc Hi Jon, this is Elif from Solid. Thanks for the question! Right now, Solid is compatible with Microsoft Office 365 (along with Google). We're also thinking on adopting Solid to other platforms such as Exchange, but it's a project in progress, so the details are not quite certain yet. However, it's our aim to make Solid accessible to a larger user base, so we're considering the possibility for the future! :)