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Effortlessly run better meetings with Solid. Get all your notes in one place, shared with all your teammates, and easily export to all the tools you already use.

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Hello Product Hunt, we're thrilled to officially launch Solid today! A few months into a closed beta allowed us to partner closely with select teams to bring you the meetings management app you deserve. Solid helps you easily prepare, manage and follow up on your meetings while making sure all your team members are aware of the tasks they need to perform next. Our more engaged users are seasoned developers, product managers and entrepreneurs, who use Solid to make sure their meetings lead to concrete actions. The integration with Zapier, Evernote and Slack brings flexibility, making sure you don't have to change your habits in order to use Solid. The team is here to answer all your questions, fire away!
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@thibautdavoult nothing happens when pressing the "Sign in with google" button?
@kimschulz I just tried, everything should work fine. Please make sure you don't have a pop-up blocker and try again. It's also possible that the added traffic from product hunt today is causing this... If trying again still doesn't work, please have a look at your browser console and share any info that could help us look into it!
@thibautdavoult right. looks like it is Adblock Plus that makes the side a bit defective. Turned it off and now it seems to work ( + the sharing thingie on the left suddenly showed up)
@kimschulz Ok thanks for this Kim, it's good to know. Do you face the same issue with other "Google Auth" apps ?
@kimschulz Hi Kim. Our code was not Adblock-proof. Should be fixed now ;)
I dig it, well done! Onboarding is cool, but I think an option to skip the fun facts and jump to the product would go a long way. Looking forward to using.
@eglyman good point. We need some time to collect data though.
@eglyman motion seconded. i started clicking all over after the 2nd fact to try and find a hidden Skip link
@romaind @thibautdavoult You mean the way you collected people's email addresses from Slack groups and then spammed them without them having opted in? All in the name of growth hacking, right?
Happy beta tester for a few month with our startup @TawiPay! I like how it makes us aware of the time we spend in meetings and how the clock ticking forces us to be on time. The integration with Zapier will now let us integrate the workflow with Podio (to assign tasks for example), so I'm looking forward trying this out! Good luck for your launch!
@briodf Thk's a lot for the kind words. Zapier integration is really cool indeed ;)
@briodf Thank you for your beta support François ! Did you notice our recent update with the search feature and automatic zaps ?
I've just briefly tried and it feels awesome 😄 We will definitely try adopting Solid in our team! I was just wondering if you guys are planning on launching an app anytime soon?
@vouldjeff Wow very happy to hear this! We're in the process of hiring an iOS engineer to lead the development of the Solid iOS app. So yeah, we're past the planning phase on this and have set things in motion already :)
I love the onboarding, well done!
@solenema Thank you for your kind words!