Solarbox Lumine

Solar-powered IPX7 waterproof speaker πŸ”Š

Solarbox Lumine is a portable 3-in-1 outdoor speaker that plays music in high-fidelity, but it’s also a powerful handheld flashlight and a mobile charging power bank

βœ… Solar Powered

βœ… IPX 7 Water&Shockproof

βœ… 4400mAh Power Bank

βœ… Flashlight

βœ… 110dB Hifi

βœ… 2*10W Speaker

βœ… Multi-Input

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How much sol does it take to get this bad boy to play? And for how long?
@jonasalmut Good question! The panel is not so big. Specs says: Solar panel Charging: 9V/120mA. So it should take around 40 hours of sunshine to charge it fully.
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@jonasalmut I just got mine! I read their indiegogo page and comments. It says that it will never run out of battery if it is always under the sun. 10min sunshine-30 min playtime. And fully charged without sun, it can play 20+ hours
I Have the Previous 2 Speakers from them, Solarbox & the Mini. Both are great sounding, Excellent Durability & the Solar Power Works Brilliantly

web page is shut down and no answer to emails. could be an scam


previous products were sold on indeogogo


they are selling the product on indeogogo, but think it is a scam. never got the product delviered. same happenned to 788 bakers