Soko x Pencils of Promise Jewelry

Next generation fundraising. Fashion tech that gives back.

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Meredith Ragno
Meredith RagnoMaker@ragcity · SVP Sales & Marketing, Soko
At Soko we're using technology and fashion to innovate the global supply chain for jewelry, connecting you to artisan entrepreneurs in the developing world. We believe ethical fashion tech is the answer to connect consumers to disenfranchised makers and their incredible products around the world. We’ve transformed the existing consumer behaviors associated with Fast Fashion (quick, cheap, unethical mass production) and made them work for, not against, the poor. We do this with "Ethical Fast Fashion" that matches artisan production with real time demand for Soko’s designs. We currently manage a network of over 1000 independent artisans through what we call our “virtual factory”—a mobile phone driven supply chain that coordinates demand, production and fulfillment with no centralized point of production, resulting in a model so efficient and affordable that artisans retain an unprecedented 25-35% of revenue. Not only are we committed to innovating international trade, but also work with like-minded non profits and NGO’s to engage Soko artisans in innovating fundraising models as well. This holiday season we have partnered with Pencils of Promise to create a jewelry collection to raise money for building schools in Ghana. We feel strongly our collaboration will serve as a next generation example of fundraising where the partners and the products are aligned in creating positive impact across the entire value chain from ethical production to gifting that gives back. You can shop the collection here: We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback - feel free to reach out with any questions about our brand or story!