Autonomous Testing for Websites and Mobile Apps!

Sofy tests your websites and mobile apps autonomously. We just launched Record and Playback for Android Apps! Be sure to check it out! Follow the YouTube link in the comments below for a detailed description with download information and a quick video demonstration.

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Mmm I'm having trouble opening the page, anyone? Says that connection is not secure.
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@mrdobelina The website is redirecting to HTTPS, but it looks like it doesn't have a certificate, so you get the warning. It not necessarily not secure, it means the SSL certificate is invalid. Yo can proceed at your own risk. Either way, it's something that they should fix ASAP.
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@mrdobelina the certificate issues you were experiencing have been resolved. Please give it another try.
We had a certificate issue which has now been resolved.
Ping me if you are interested in trying out our latest version
Check out our new Record and Playback Testing Tool for Android Apps!