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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I like the minimal design and the "create and listen to podcast moments" noted in the screenshots sounds very interesting. Will play with this.
Willy Simonsson
Willy SimonssonMaker@wiillyson · Founder of Sodio
Hi @rrhoover! Me and @teroqim are the makers of Sodio. The app is today an early version of its future self, but it's nice to be here on Product Hunt so that early adopters can do what they do best, adopt early. If you wanna check out one of those moments out in the open, here's one! Happy to answer any questions that anyone may have.
TylerHunter@tylerh · Writer
The moments feature could be very interesting long term as a way to get more sharing of audio content
Peter Andersson
Peter AnderssonMaker@teroqim · Co-Founder, Sodio
Hey @tylerh, thanks for posting! At the moment it's possible to create 60s moments and share them on Twitter, check out @sodioco for some examples. Long term we're certainly aiming at developing the feature into an easy and intuitive way of sharing audio.
Willy Simonsson
Willy SimonssonMaker@wiillyson · Founder of Sodio
Thanks for the hunt @tylerh! We're also excited about podcast moments. Hopefully we'll learn a lot from this first iteration so that we can improve everything about it. We hope it will become a functionality that benefits both podcast hosts and listeners, and maybe even connecting the two of them.
Mimi Solmssen
Mimi Solmssen@mimisolmssen
shame it's not available in the US app store. Will be on the look out.