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Yes, the Slack socks are awesome! I own a pair as well :) This is really cool btw. Minimum order is 200 pairs. What is the cost for that?
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@matmullen from Slack shipped me some lovely socks from Sock Swag a few weeks ago. I got so many likes from this Instagram photo:
@rrhoover @matmullen That's some nice hard wood you got there.
@rrhoover didn't you ask for this service recently?
@DavidSpinks we're working on something for Product Hunt. ;)
@rrhoover @matmullen I want a pair of Slack socks so badly, haha. Those are great.
@rrhoover @matmullen I wish you could buy these on the Sock Swags site.
How can we get a pair of Slack socks?
We're excited to give Product Hunters an exclusive offer to make custom socks.  Custom socks are an awesome swag item that will excite employees and potential customers.  Our socks are knit and grown in the US and are the highest quality combed cotton.  Startups Slack and Vungle have already made unique swag with us. They have received very positive feedback about the socks.  Please drop us some comments here or email noah@sotmclub.com.
Awesome idea. But not sure what the costs are (if only by estimate) up front. @danecjensen, can you chime in?