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Why sign up for 10 tools when you can replace them with Sociamonials? This includes social scheduling, analytics, referral sweepstakes, photo & video contests, landing pages, share buttons, refer-a-friend, coupon sharing, and other mobile optimized campaigns.
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Hey hunters! I am thrilled to share my social marketing tool with you. It's been a 6 year journey to this point, but I'm finally happy enough with the product to call it hunt-worthy. We've just finished the ReQueue content recycling feature that our clients were asking for, so it's go time. The free trial is, well, free. And we tried to keep the prices super low. Let me know what you think!
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@craig_a_sherman dang 6 years! Gotta share more how you got here. Great work!
@nickchuckwalter Haha! I started the company because at the time, you had to pay $30,000+ for an enterprise social tool that did it all. I worked for a mid-sized company that couldn't afford that. I took on some great early clients (including my employer!) and just focused for years on building out the tool based on feedback and what the competition was doing. It honestly took this long to achieve the original goal.
@craig_a_sherman This looks crazy. Few of my thoughts if you are planning to do B2B sales : a) Target recently funded companies. They are going to spend money on social media, referral sweepstakes, photo & video contests. Therefore, it makes sense for them to use your product. b) Target companies who are hiring for social media manager. If a company is hiring for this role, it means, it is willing to spend money on social media that is why hiring for that role. Hence, Sociamonials.
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@shreyaa_ratra Both are really great ideas. One thing I've learned is that there is no substitute for rolling up your sleeves and reaching out via personal selling (at least early on). You've given me some great places to start.
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@craig_a_sherman If you need help in reaching out to such companies or do some other targeting, would be happy to help. Check - Puts your B2B sales on autopilot.
@craig_a_sherman why not a freemium model? Thanks.
@firatdemirel I can't tell you how tempted I have been to do this so i can generate some quick traction. I held back because someone I trust told me that unless you have external funding and a good sized staff, you will become buried in customer service inquiries before you figure out how to upsell all those customers in a scaleable way. Since I'm bootstrapping this company, I can't afford to support all those free users. Instead, I eliminated the credit card requirement for a free trial and lowered my lowest pricing tier from $149 to $19. Time will tell if that is enough to build momentum. Thanks for the comment.
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@craig_a_sherman well that's a good answer. Thanks and good luck! :)
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I never got to experience mobile apps - all i can do is check notificaitons and post them on Instagram. Thats the only use of mobile phones for me. No matter what i try and how many times I uninstall and install mobile apps - i can never get it to work for me. I hope its not just me, then all my IT experience will be a waste. 1. I cant post using mobile apps. 2. I cant schedule check reports 3. i cant check social CRM. Basically I cant access any link under "Links to software" - everything is directed to web browser.

mobile apps doenst work


Mobile apps


Mobile apps