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Thanks Ben, we started Social Superstore with the idea to allow anyone in the world to be an entrepreneur without the traditional risks of starting a business. This vision has enabled us to build a product which allows anyone to setup a store, add products from retailers and upload relevant content such as captions, reviews and photos to the products in their store. Stores and products can be shared across social networks and every time a product is purchased through a store, the store owner receives a commission. Totally agree with Ben – huge potential for Vloggers on the platform!
a simplified version of a usualy very long process of starting multiple affiliate accounts and whats more we have hundreds of retailers not just a few. check out my store =D
I've seen Social Superstore transition over the last few months after I was introduced to Jemma a while ago. The idea is that you create your own store with products you use and then others can buy them which you earn a little fee from. I think the potential here for vloggers creating shops would be a big one as they always separately talk about products in various videos but once they've uploaded a bunch more videos its pretty difficult to go back and find them. Having them all in one place is a pretty good idea. I'll let the team tell you more on the story and their vision
I'm one of the developers here at Social Superstore. We just officially launched on Thursday so I've been distracted from coding because I keep checking to see what new stores and collections users have been curating ;p. I haven't bought anything from the new stores yet, but there's a few things I have my eye on. (e.g. @pauljackson has a great list of camping gear and I'm a total camping newbie) From a development perspective, using Clojure/ClojureScript has helped improve the development experience. Using ClojureScript especially irons out a lot of javascript's inconsistencies - and encourages us to use immutable data and pure functions where possible, which makes a lot of hard things much easier to reason about. Also Bruce Hauman's work making figwheel ( and devcards especially ( have been a big help in prototyping and iterating over the design of the user interface components - for example the product pods (pictured above, or browse one of the categories -
Totally agree with Ben - I blog as a hobbie & add everything featured on my blog to my Social Superstore, that way it makes it super easy to direct the followers of my blog & social to my Superstore to shop my posts! My Superstore: