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Honestly, the signup process was frustrating. After logging in via Facebook, I was asked several questions (including my phone number... of course I didn't give it out) and then was met with a "we'll contact you" prompt. If you're going to make users go through that effort, give them something valuable or be more transparent upfront. ...unless this is just a campaign to capture a bunch of email addresses. 😐
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, thanks for the feedback. We're working hard to make onboarding more smoother and instant. Social Status does need a few minutes to index data but we're looking at ways to speed this up. We're also working on new features including Twitter & Instagram integration as well as automated email reporting. Stay tuned!
@timhill22 gotcha! Thanks for the update and clarification. I got an email ~hour after registering with a link to view my stats. Perhaps the on-boarding could describe (visually) what will soon come once it's indexed?
@rrhoover thanks Ryan, definitely agree! We're pushing an update out for this soon.
Hi guys, great to be listed on Product Hunt today. There isn't any manual processing of signups, rather its all automatic. After you sign up there'll be a few minutes required for our system to index the data and then you'll receive a confirmation email once your account is active. We built Social Status to help marketers understand the value of their social media marketing. I'm a marketer myself and I know how time consuming it is to generate social reports that benchmark performance against competitors. Additionally, there's insights that can be obtained about what kinds of posts work best, when they should be published and how often. These are the pain points we set out to solve with Social Status. Right now the product works with Facebook and we're working on integrations for both Twitter and Instagram. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Social Status!
Tried signing up to see what its all about, but looks like they are processing signups manually right now (it says "account waiting to be activated"). Anyone can share more details on how it actually works? cc @kwdinc
Been using SocialStatus since the early days and was the quickest way to benchmark our competitors social activity. Great product + an awesome team who are super smart and very responsive.
This just works for Facebook? Or is it available for Twitter, Linkedin etc as well?