Social Pomodoro

Meet an accountability buddy for 25 minutes of focused work.


The Pomodoro Method has you work intensely and without distraction for 25 minutes. After the working session, you force yourself to take a complete break, getting away from screens. We pair you with another professional working on their laptop to share goals and keep accountable at the end of the 25 minute work session. No sign up necessary.

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Worked with this one for a couple of sessions and came back here to share the experience. I had no idea having an accountability buddy in a pomodoro timer could be so amazing! I got done with tasks that usually talk me 2 hours withing 2 sessions- ie, 50 minutes.


1. Connects you to anonymous people who want to work too.

2. You list your tasks as you tell them to a buddy- great way to start working.


1. Not enough people to make it completely 'social' yet- I'm definitely going to share:)

2. Would be cool if there were a slack integration

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Not enough users so I was never matched with anyone. The concept is great though


Love the concept, good to keep work focus


Not enough people using it so I couldn't find a buddy on multiple attempts