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Marc Anthony Rosa — Product Manager
Imagine you could plan and manage all your social media accounts in a way that you would treat your google calendar or outlook calendar. We've tried to take that same concept to the social media world today and are excited to unveil it to you.

Our goal was to make this as easy as it is to set meetings or schedule a call with someone - then you can drag things around, reschedule something, or just see everything at a glance.

We're super excited to share this with you today and would love to dive into the full power we hope to give you with our new Social Media Calendar. Please feel free to ask us any questions and we'll be around in the comments to join the discussion.
Amélie Lamont — Product Designer @ VenueBook
@marc_rosa Buffer = magic. That is all.
Rodrigo Prior — CEO @
@marc_rosa It's because Buffer is one of most effective user experience centred digital companies in the world! This is why even with the currency of my country devalued against the dollar it's one of the product I cannot downgrade back to a free plan!
Eric Kryski — CEO @
@marc_rosa Amazing timing for me, as I have to literally set up a years worth of shout outs to our sponsors for yycjs. Thanks for releasing this feature!
Marc Anthony Rosa — Product Manager
@ekryski @marc_rosa that's so awesome to hear! I'm going to set up a years worth of shoutouts targeted specifically to you for saying that ;)
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
What an awesome update from the team @buffer !!

Would love to know why you decided to build this and some insights into the development process too?
Marc Anthony Rosa — Product Manager
Hey @bentossell, great question! :) Our Buffer Community has always been an amazing source of inspiration, inspiring us to create awesome products that let our users have "superpowers".

Through lots of Customer Development and chats with the community over the past year, we've heard so frequently how cool a calendar view of the classic Buffer queue could be. In fact, we work with an awesome product called UserVoice, and a Calendar View is the #2 most upvoted feature suggestion, second to Instagram access (cannot wait for 3rd party API access there!).

So we brainstormed and asked ourselves, "what would Buffer look like if we framed it around Sunrise or Google Calendar?" After a number of iterations and exciting product explorations, we found ourselves looking at the product you see now! I'm so thrilled to share the Social Media Calendar with you today. :)
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