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Social Animal is a content research product letting you deeply research top performing content for any given keyword. Social Animal gives you deep keyword insights with historical performance data and has a powerful influencer research tool. Very unique is, it’s InspireMe feature that applies a “human cultural map” to any keyword and lets you see unforeseen connections and associations, thereby giving you almost unlimited ideas to write about in your next article.
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@kwdinc Thanks a bunch for hunting Social Animal! We always wondered how taking a keyword-centric approach to article data analysis would improve upon existing products in the market. So, we built Social Animal around Natural Language Processing (NLP) based analysis of content. Also, we think that the InspireMe feature to get new article ideas/inspiration on related topics on keywords is a first. We are very excited about Social Animal and have a great roadmap which we hope will benefit content marketers. We've been in beta with about 60 users for the last few months and the feedback has been very positive. Most importantly, we are happy to get feedback and ideas from users the world over! Cheers and thanks again for the hunt!
@mattnavarra and @mat_sherman There is no disagreeing that the search results page is structurally similar to that of Buzzsumo, which is a very good product. We wouldn't have bothered to develop Social Animal if it was going to be just a Buzzsumo clone. We process every article that enters the system through our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine which figure out the primary and secondary keywords. These keywords are then displayed for every article you see. With this, things get way more interesting: - You can click on any keyword to display more top performing articles for that keyword - Just because 2 articles on the same topic perform well, it doesn't mean they are the same. You can compare any 2 articles to see their unique and common keywords. This saves you time, since you almost never have to read those articles. - Headline analyzer is built in, which you can invoke for any article - The insights summary feature not only tells you the best time to publish an article for any keyword, it also tells you which title and article lengths work best. There is detailed analysis available as well. - If you setup keywords, Social Animal will proactively send you every day: > Top performing articles for keywords you care about > Competitor mentions > Potential, new influencers - You don't have to manually search every day, saving you a ton of time - You have to use our Influencer search tool to see how good it is :) It is based on a much better algorithm. - The InspireMe module lets you explore various, related topics for you to get writing inspiration. It's a lot of fun to use with a nice UI. - The InspireMe module also tells you, for any given keyword, which secondary topics articles are written about so you can find your niche.
elements of the UX/UI look like a copy of BuzzSumo. Are you using their data, infrastructure or is this built in partnership with them?
Social Animal has been under development for over a year now. Data is our own.
Yo! Cool product. Seems like a busy space though. What makes you different?
Congrats @narenism will be testing it out soon. Do you all ofer an affiliates program?
@saijo_george thanks :) Sure, happy to discuss. Please email me: naren at